Where is Hoda Kotb? What happened to Hoda Kotb?

Where is Hoda Kotb? Why ‘The Today Show’ Host Is Out This Week? When will Hoda Kotb return to ‘Today’?

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Where is Hoda Kotb?

When Hope, who was just three years old at the time, was admitted to the intensive care unit for three days at the end of February, Hoda Kotb was not on The Today Show.

Hope remained in the hospital for just over a week after that. Her latest nonappearance occurred toward the finish of Spring, following a family get-away and her girl’s well-being alarm.

On March 20, viewers of The Today Show were unable to join their favorite co-host Hoda Kotb in commemorating the first day of spring.

A couple of days after the fact, people are still asking where Hoda is this week. Those tuning in may have seen that the transmission columnist has been missing during the initial two hours of the show. Additionally, there have been reruns of her third-hour program with Jenna Bush Hager.

Where is Hoda Kotb? What happened to Hoda Kotb?
Where is Hoda Kotb?

The Today Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Al Roker were missing from yesterday’s episode of NBC’s daily morning show.

While Roker returned this morning after a visit to Martha’s Vineyard, Kotb remained missing.

Along with her usual co-host Savannah Guthrie, co-host Craig Melvin, who also took a brief break from the show in the middle of July, appeared to be taking over for Kotb yesterday morning.

Why ‘The Today Show’ Host Is Out This Week?

After over seven days of Hoda Kotb’s nonappearance, Today Show watchers are realizing what’s the deal with the adored host.

Since the NBC writer’s keep-going appearance on February 20, fans have voiced worries over where Hoda could be as different anchors like Willie Geist, Sheinelle Jones, and Tom Llamas have stepped in for her.

Yet, during the third-hour fragment on Walk 1, Craig Melvin refreshed people by making sense of that she got some much-needed rest to deal with an individual circumstance.

Notwithstanding, both Kotb and Guthrie were absent from earlier today’s episode, with Melvin and Sheinelle Jones filling in for them, per The Sun.

The justification for Guthrie’s nonattendance presently can’t seem to be uncovered.

Kotb’s vanishing from television screens the beyond two mornings comes under seven days after she declared her new youngsters’ book Hope Is a Rainbow, which will be delivered on March 5, 2024.

Her youngest daughter Hope, whom she referred to as “a rainbow,” serves as the basis for the novel.

Today Show viewers weren’t kept in the dark for too long surrounding Kotb’s whereabouts, as Guthrie revealed the reason why she was nowhere to be found on Monday morning’s show.

At the point when word spread about what caused the Emmy Award-winning co-anchor to move away from her daytime work, fans quickly contacted her with uplifting statements via virtual entertainment.

When will Hoda Kotb return to ‘Today’?

Television character Hoda Kotb is back following fourteen days of nonappearance. Kotb has returned as NBC co-anchor of the ‘Today’ show.

She uncovered that her girl had a medical problem. On Monday morning, Hoda Kotb got back to the Today show and tended to her nonappearance on the hour.

Hoda revealed the “family health matter” she had been dealing with an off-camera, involving one of her children while sitting next to co-anchor Savannah Guthrie in Studio 1A.

She has daughters Hope Catherine, 3, and Haley Joy, 6, with ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman, as fans may be aware.

Since Guthrie said that she’s off “this week,” we can probably anticipate that Kotb should get back to her facilitating obligations on The Today Show.

Meanwhile, she is starting year 59 with her friends and family. Despite not expressly remarking on what’s happening in the background, Hoda is refreshing her adherents in her particular manner.

Over the past week, she presented pictures on her Instagram highlighting uplifting statements.

She recently posted a picture on Instagram of the sky with the phrase, “Choose Hope.” Not only is putting a hold on Television as the Cutoff time detailed, but she likewise hasn’t refreshed her Podcast Making Space with new episodes since February 20.

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