Where is Hannah from Below Deck now? Hannah’s Journey After “Below Deck” and Exploring the World

In 2016, the hit reality TV series “Below Deck Mediterranean” introduced fans to Hannah Ferrier, the ship’s chief steward. But the recent events on the show and Hannah Ferrier’s absence from “Below Deck” have made viewers wonder where she is.

Delve into the article to find out where Hannah is from “Below Deck” and more about her.

Over the course of her experience on the show, Hannah Ferrier assumed an essential role as the Chief Steward, and her commitment to her occupation was clear all along.

In Season 1, Episode 1, she hilariously expressed, “On boats, everybody thinks their job is the most significant. However, clearly, it’s the chief stew.”

Regardless of initially considering yachting as an inconsistent European experience, her experience on “Below Deck Mediterranean” ultimately drove her to devote almost 10 years to the calling.

She turned into a prominent figure in the yachting industry, making her departure from the show in Season 5 even more emotional.

The Shocking Departure of Hannah Ferrier

Hannah’s exit from the show in Season 5, Episode 12, was an unforeseen and profound moment  for both the cast and viewers.

Captain Sandy Yawn pursued the hard decision to allow Hannah to follow, finding that she had Valium onboard without a solution, which was an infringement of sea regulation.

Captain Sandy communicated her interests, saying, “I for one would rather not drive the boat to the ocean with how you’ve been of late.”

Regardless of the profound goodbye, Hannah got an amazing overflow of support from fans, which helped her through the difficult time.

Where is Hannah from “Below Deck” now?

Hannah from “Beneath Deck” resides in the south of France with her loved ones. Prior to moving to France, her family and she lived in Sydney, Australia.

Notwithstanding, they have as of late taken huge action, with Hannah declaring in July 2023 that they would be briefly moving toward the south of France.

The move was roused by a craving to make enduring recollections for their family and expose their girl, Ava, to new encounters.

Where is Hannah from Below Deck now
Where is Hannah from Below Deck now?

Hannah shared the intriguing news on Instagram, saying, “We’ve previously had what feels like a long period of experiences all together, yet this one will [by] far be the greatest experience of Ava’s life! We are migrating to my second home in the south of France for the following four months.”

Their choice to leave on this experience mirrors their obligation to explore the world together and take advantage of every available open door.

Hannah and her family are additionally exploring the islands of Greece.

Life After “Below Deck Mediterranean”

Since leaving “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Hannah Ferrier has been effectively chasing after her inclinations and building her profession.

She co-founded the Ocean International Training Academy, an online course intended to help people launch their yachting professions.

Partnering with Anastasia Surmava from “Below Deck,” the foundation offers experiences and information about the yachting business, assisting hopeful team members with getting ready for their vocations.

Hannah portrayed it as the “street smarts of yachting,” offering practical direction on composing CVs, picking the right boat, and figuring out the industry.

Notwithstanding her educational endeavor, Hannah additionally wandered into the universe of podcasting. She has the webcast “Dear Reality, You’re Effed!” enlivened by her high school journal.

Hannah Ferrier’s journey on “Below Deck Mediterranean” was set apart by important minutes and difficulties.

Her departure from the show permitted her to zero in on her energy for yachting education and her loved ones.

With a fruitful profession, a caring spouse, and a lovely girl, Hannah keeps on embracing new undertakings and making enduring memories.

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