Where Is Coryxkenshin? Investigating His Mysterious Disappearance and Current Whereabouts

Cory DeVante Williams, better known as CoryxKenshin on YouTube, has been a fixture in the online gaming and content creation scene for almost a decade.

CoryxKenshin acquired millions of subscribers and was recognised as one of the top creators in the United States thanks to his distinctive blend of humour, energy, and charisma. A new turn of circumstances, however, has admirers wondering, “Where is CoryxKenshin now?”

The Road to YouTube Fame

CoryxKenshin’s online content-making adventure began in 2009, with the introduction of his YouTube channel.

He began with comic sketches and eventually switched his content to focus on playthroughs of horror games that would become something of a trademark for him.

Titles such as “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and “Bloodborne” gave him a platform to showcase his comedic abilities, while his “Spooky Scary Sunday” horror short film reaction series provided a fresh touch to the gaming genre.

Beyond horror, CoryxKenshin experimented with several gaming genres, even going on triple-A titles such as “Elden Ring.”

A Watershed Moment

One of the most notable efforts of CoryxKenshin was his video for the rhythm game “Friday Night Funkin’.” This video ascended to the sixth most-viewed video in the United States in 2021. IGN Africa called it a “part music video, part playthrough,” and praised Cory’s wit and hilarious timing.

Where is Coryxkenshin?

CoryxKenshin’s channel is still active as of October 2023, with over 16.8 million subscribers and an astounding seven billion views. However, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Where Is Coryxkenshin
Where Is Coryxkenshin?

He’s renowned for taking intermittent hiatuses from uploading videos, spanning from a few days to several months.

In 2018, he took a four-month hiatus, and in 2019, he openly discussed his difficulties with mental health, a topic that gained traction in the aftermath of YouTuber Etika’s untimely death. Despite his inaction, his channel flourished, collecting an amazing 10 million subscribers.

The Latest Chapter

CoryxKenshin fans were in for a pleasant surprise in 2023 when it was announced that he would make a cameo appearance in the widely awaited film adaptation of “Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

“I’m pretending to be a cab driver.” His reaction to this discovery heightened both Cory’s and his fanbase’s excitement.

Behind the Lens

Despite his massive online presence, CoryxKenshin is relatively mysterious in his personal life. He lives in South Lyon, Michigan, and is a Christian, according to sources.

His path to popularity has not been without setbacks, most notably his battle with ectodermal dysplasia, a rare genetic illness that affected his physical appearance and subjected him to bullying during his school years.

The Unseen Conflicts

Anxiety, burnout, and sadness drove CoryxKenshin’s decision to take a break from content creation in 2020.

He called the year “the worst year of [his] life,” attributing his emotions to key worldwide events such as the COVID-19 epidemic and George Floyd’s murder.

In 2016, he was in a car accident with his friend Brandon, which changed his life yet again. These difficulties just added to his complicated and exciting journey.

The Entire Picture

CoryxKenshin’s journey reflects the changing landscape of content providers on platforms such as YouTube.

His ability to connect with millions of people despite dealing with personal issues and taking breaks from content creation raises serious concerns about the demands placed on internet personas.


Cory DeVante Williams, the man behind CoryxKenshin, is proof of online media’s revolutionary potential.

His distinct combination of wit and charisma has captured the hearts of millions, while his personal challenges have shed light on thhe dark side of internet celebrity. Fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the story of CoryxKenshin as he continues his quest.

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