Where is Colin Cowherd this week? Unraveling the Mystery

In the world of sports broadcasting, Colin Cowherd is a well-known figure. He spent 12 years at ESPN before moving to Fox Sports in 2015.

Recently, there has been talk about him returning to ESPN when his contract with Fox ends in 2025.

A guest appearance on ESPN’s Greg McElroy’s Always College Football podcast has fueled these rumors. Let’s explore this situation further.

Where is Colin Cowherd this week?

Colin Cowherd was taken off ESPN’s airwaves permanently after he made an insensitive remark about Dominican MLB Players.

When Cowherd left ESPN, it wasn’t a smooth departure. He was not happy that his radio show was on ESPNU instead of the main ESPN channels.

There was also controversy when he made comments about Dominican baseball players. This caused ESPN to suspend him, making his exit less than amicable. Cowherd has since criticized ESPN openly.

ESPN’s Policy and Pat McAfee’s Influence

ESPN has a history of limiting appearances by media personalities not affiliated with their network. However, with the arrival of Pat McAfee, there is a change in approach.

Where is Colin Cowherd this week? Unraveling the Mystery
Where is Colin Cowherd this week?

McAfee has stated that he has yet to be told only to have ESPN guests on his show. This may have played a role in Cowherd’s recent appearance on McElroy’s show.

Speculations and Possibilities

The rumors about ESPN wanting Cowherd back have been circulating, with Cowherd adding to the speculation.

While this guest appearance could be a one-time event, it might also signal the beginning of a reunion between Cowherd and ESPN.

The future remains uncertain, leaving us to wonder about the next steps for this sports commentator.

The Herd on FS1: Joy Taylor’s FarewellColin Cowherd expressed farewell to his colleague Joy Taylor lately.

Taylor had been part of “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” beginning around 2016, frequently filling in when Kristine Leahy was missing. Taylor brought humor and depth to the show, and her departure marked the end of an era.

Why “The Herd” Isn’t on television Right Now

You’re not alone if you’ve been asking why “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” isn’t on television for the following couple of weeks.

As per the television guide, the show will not be broadcast during this period. To find out when it returns, add it to your Watchlist and remain tuned for updates.

The Herd With Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd’s show, “The Herd,” has had an intriguing journey from ESPN Radio to FOX Sports.

Understood for his good viewpoint and inciting examination, Cowherd’s show talks about the most recent games and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It airs on FS1 and FOX Sports Radio and highlights discussions on different game themes.

Is “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” Canceled?

A glance back at debates and changes: “The Herd” confronted a massive change when Cowherd offered disputable comments about baseball and players from specific nations.

This prompted the show’s expulsion from ESPN Radio and ESPNU in 2015 when Cowherd left. Fox Sports Radio and FS1 now house the show.

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