Where is Charlie Langton? Insights and Whereabouts

Get into Charlie Langton’s amazing shift from seasoned attorney to recognized TV personality. Discover the twists and turns that brought him from the courtroom to the television studio, as well as the legal insights he imparts.

But where is Charlie Langton these days? Investigate his current position and speculate on the exciting experiences that await this diverse person.

Join us on a trip that displays not only his legal knowledge but also his eclectic hobbies, which range from inventing the Michigan quarter to being a Beatles fan and enjoying chocolate milkshakes.

Charlie Langton: Who is he?

Charlie Langton is a complex character who rose through the ranks of the legal profession to become a well-known American TV personality and attorney.

He is currently a legal analyst at WJBK-FOX 2 in Detroit, having made a purposeful change away from the law after a decade of practice.

Charlie’s career in broadcasting began at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, where he graduated first in his class. He began by doing a political-legal talk program on WYUR-AM 1310, then moved on to WXYT-AM 1270. 

During his radio tenure, FOX 2 News caught note of him and saw promise in him as a legal expert. Charlie Langton, who was born on January 25, 1961, in the United States, is 61 years old and married to Lisa Langton.

Charlie Langton
Charlie Langton (Source: Instagram)

He graduated from Notre Dame High School, Kalamazoo College with a theatre major, and Detroit College of Law, where he obtained his law degree. Charlie also has a journalism degree from Howard University’s School of Broadcast Arts.

What happened to Charlie Langton?

Charlie Langton presented a thorough examination of the legality of the UAW strike. He stressed that the legitimacy of a strike is determined by its objective.

Workers striking for problems like pay or working conditions, as appears to be the case, are usually protected by the law.

Langton, on the other hand, warned that acts like as blocking entranceways or engaging in disruptive activities might result in an unlawful strike designation.

He went on to say that the President or Congress has the right to order car employees back to work, which may result in significant financial losses for the automobile sector and related industries. 

Langton also brought up the topic of strike pay, which is critical for striking workers to survive the strike.

In summation, he delves into the different legal considerations and probable ramifications of the UAW strike, providing a thorough examination of the matter.

Where is Charlie Langton?

Charlie Langton is in Southfield, Michigan. In addition to his radio career, Charlie is the owner of the Langton Law Firm, which is located at 22117 Telegraph Road, Southfield, MI 48034.

Where is Charlie Langton
Where is Charlie Langton?

His law practice is located in this location, allowing him to serve his legal clients successfully while still pursuing a career in television commentary and analysis.

From Attorney to TV Personality:

On the network, Charlie Langton discussed his interesting journey to television. While his principal job is that of an attorney, he has branched into broadcasting, integrating his legal experience with performance talents.

Growing up in a legal family, including his father being an attorney, fostered in him a love of the law. This led to his participation in the high school debate team and his pursuit of a theatre degree at Kalamazoo College.

After graduating from the Detroit College of Law, he went into media, hosting cable television shows before moving on to radio. His radio job prepared him for his television career at Fox 2 News, where he was a regular legal expert and pundit.

He has received acclaim throughout the years, receiving Emmys and legal journalism honors, and has actively engaged in legal and philanthropic activities, as well as moderating political discussions.

Charlie Langton’s diverse interests, which include his role in designing the Michigan Quarter, collecting Michigan art, being a Beatles fan, attending the Detroit Tigers fantasy camp, and savoring chocolate milkshakes, round out his multifaceted personality.

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