Where is Bob Sellers on Newsmax? The Newsmax Anchor in the Spotlight

The world of television news is unpredictable, with few but significant defining moments.

One such incident occurred when seasoned Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers bumped into the contentious MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, leading to an on-air argument that went down in history.

An On-Air Viral Argument

Viewers of Newsmax turned in on a typical Tuesday afternoon anticipating a discussion about Mike Lindell and his backing of unfounded claims surrounding the presidential election in 2020. from what happened was everything from typical.

Lindell, who is well-known for his persistent support of unfounded charges of election fraud, utilized the opportunity to attack Dominion Voting Systems, a voting software provider at the center of the election controversy.

Lindell vehemently declared, “With these Dominion machines, we have all the election fraud.” “We have complete proof.”

Bob Sellers Takes a Stand

Given the network’s history of legal threats and difficulties relating to its election coverage, Lindell’s criticism of Dominion Voting Systems hit a sensitive nerve on Newsmax, and the plot took an unexpected turn.

As Lindell began his conspiracy-filled rant, Bob Sellers, who co-anchors the 3 p.m. ET hour with former Fox News host Heather Childers, drew a line in the sand. The conversation immediately descended into mayhem and became widely publicized.

Newsmax stressed that they had not discovered any proof of election software manipulation in a statement reiterating their position.

Although they were aware that Lindell’s perspective was different from theirs, they recognized his right to voice his thoughts.

Where is Bob Sellers on Newsmax? Is Bob Sellers Still on Newsmax?

Yes, Bob Sellers is still a Newsmax anchor. He started his television career as an anchor at CNBC during the dot-com boom and bust era. He contributed to shows like “Squawk Box” and “Power Lunch” and co-hosted shows like “Today’s Business” and “Market Watch.”

Where is Bob Sellers on Newsmax
Where is Bob Sellers on Newsmax?

When Sellers joined Fox News Channel in 2002, his broadcast career was expanded to the national level. He routinely hosted “Fox News Live” there, when in June 2003 he provided live coverage from Iraq.

Sellers’ career is not restricted to national networks, though. Local television stations like KING-TV in Seattle, KENS-TV in San Antonio, and KTVL in Medford have his imprint.

Then, until July 2008, he went back to his job as a morning news anchor at WTTG Fox 5 Morning News in Washington, D.C.

When he relocated to WSMV in Nashville, Sellers continued to make substantial contributions to journalism.

He won an Emmy in 2010 for his reporting on the devastating floods in the area. Then he changed over to being a morning anchor. He worked as a news anchor for WZTV before quitting in June 2016.

Bob Sellers is More than just a news anchor

When ‘Forbes’s Best Business Mistakes: How Today’s Top Business Leaders Turned Mistakes Into Success’ was published in 2010, he made his literary debut in the business world.

Exclusive insights from interviews with notable figures like Jack Welch, Peter Lynch, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, and Jason Kilar were included in the book.

Instead of only covering the news, Sellers also writes business articles for magazines like Success and Gear and occasionally contributes to The Huffington Post.

His varied professional history also demonstrates his athletic side. He was chosen by the Kansas City Royals in the 31st round of the draught, but he decided to pursue a career in academia instead, earning a degree in government and foreign affairs from the University of Virginia.

The Return of Mike Lindell

Later on in the day, Mike Lindell unexpectedly returned to Newsmax with a new attitude.

He concentrated on the suspension of his personal and MyPillow accounts on Twitter rather than repeating his assertions about the 2020 election. Even Lindell praised Newsmax for their assistance, stating, “You guys have been great.”

Discussion topics included businesses severing ties to MyPillow and Donald Trump’s impending impeachment trial.

The viral altercation between Bob Sellers and Mike Lindell on Newsmax highlights how unpredictable live television can be.

It emphasizes the fine line that journalists must walk when covering sensitive subjects, particularly at a time when misinformation and conspiracy theories are rampant.

Bob Sellers’ varied career—from local journalism to national notoriety, from writing books to exercising thought leadership—is revealed as we dissect this unique TV event.

We can only guess what Sellers’ and the television news industry’s next chapter will include in a cycle of news that is continuously changing.

In the end, the altercation between a TV host and a contentious CEO serves as a sharp reminder of the difficulties and obligations involved in telling the truth in a divided world.

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