Where is Baby Deorr? What happened to Deorr?

Who is Baby Deorr? The toddler of a young couple disappears while the family is on an unplanned camping trip in Leadore. When a mother calls emergency services to report that her 2-year-old son, DeOrr Kunz Jr., is missing from the Timber Creek Campground ten miles west of Leadore, Idaho, it is a tragic moment for a family whose outing ends in disaster.

Investigators and private detectives work around the clock to find the missing boy, only to come back to his parents.

Baby Deorr Missing Update

Steve Penner, the Lemhi County Sheriff, is constantly stressing how crucial it is to find DeOrr Kunz Jr., a young child who vanished on July 10, 2015. DeOrr disappeared while on a camping trip at Timber Creek Campground with his parents.

DeOrr has not been found, despite intensive searches, and no one has been officially charged concerning his disappearance.

DeOrr’s parents, along with Reinwand and Walton, have insisted from the beginning that they have no idea what happened to make the boy vanish. Sadly, Walton passed away in June 2019, which made the investigation even more difficult.

Efforts to locate DeOrr Kunz Jr. remain ongoing as law enforcement officials and dedicated personnel continue their pursuit of answers surrounding his mysterious disappearance.

What happened to Baby Deorr?

In July 2015, two-and-a-half-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr., also known as Baby DeOrr, was fishing with his family at the Timber Creek campground in Leadore, Idaho, which is east of Challis in Lemhi County.

On July 10, 2015, in the afternoon, the baby was reportedly abandoned by his parents while Grandpa Bob watched over him as they left the campsite to go fishing.

In the episode, old footage of Vernal explaining to Jessica how he and she had gone about fifty yards from where they had left their child with Grandpa Bob to find some minnows was shown.

Vernal said Baby DeOrr loved minnows, and he walked back to bring him to see them. But when he went back to the location, he discovered his son had disappeared.

The toddler vanished around 2:35 PM, and the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that it was reported to the authorities.

Following the missing person’s report, they collaborated with the Salmon Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in the area to initiate a massive search for the missing baby.

The agencies dispatched divers from Salmon Search and Rescue and Lemhi CSO, search dogs from LCSO and Salmon PD, and horseback resources from the Salmon and Leadore area, among others, after thoroughly searching the campground without success.

In addition, the authorities dispatched dozens of volunteers on foot, an ATV, a helicopter, and experienced horseback searchers.

At one point, over 150 people were reportedly assigned to and accounted for during the search. The agencies set up a large search radius of 2.5 miles from the campground within the next few days, and search and rescue personnel thoroughly searched the area.

Nonetheless, despite speaking with all four of the adults who were there with the child, the law enforcement officers were unable to locate Baby DeOrr.

Where is Baby Deorr? Is he dead or alive?

Regretfully, to date, no information about Baby DeOrr has been discovered. Despite the lack of evidence, the investigators looked into all four people, and none of them were ever exonerated as suspects.

Where is Baby Deorr
Baby Deorr

According to family sources, Grandpa Bob had poor health and suffered from various ailments. Because of his health, he was always hooked up to an oxygen cylinder and needed external oxygen administration.

According to Trina Bates Clegg, her father could not last for fifteen minutes without oxygen.

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