Where is Al Roker Today? Why is he not on Today?

On Today on Monday, the 69-year-old was not present for an unusual reason, as Craig Melvin disclosed.

In his place, Dylan Dreyer provided a weather report for the day. During the Third Hour, Craig and Sheinelle Jones joined her. Craig informed the audience that Al was taking the day off to celebrate his anniversary.

AI celebrates his wedding anniversary.

Deborah Roberts and Al have been wed for 28 years.

They began their anniversary celebration on Saturday and are still going strong Today.

Deborah gave her followers on Instagram and her Instagram Story a little look inside the fiery celebration with images.

Where is Al Roker Today? Why is he not on Today?
Al Roker (Source: Instagram)

The couple first smiled for Deborah’s camera while holding up champagne glasses.

Al was dressed in a suit jacket and a black button-down shirt, while his wife wore a multicolored dress with patterns.

Deborah Roberts posts the insights.

She later published a picture of the two champagne glasses, showing them resting on a table.

A steamy picture of their hotel bed sprinkled with rose petals was posted by the 62-year-old.

With other petals dispersed all around, the center petals appeared like a heart.

The Good Morning America journalist also posted a picture of a hotel bathroom counter with two towels on it that were monogrammed with the letters “A” and “D.”

On top of the towels was a flower, and behind it was a bottle of Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze body lotion.

Sweet memories from their wedding day

Deborah also uploaded images to her feed from their wedding over the years.

Wow! In the past 28 years. We started our adventure with some trepidation, lots of enthusiasm, and hearts full of hope, the journalist wrote in the description of her Instagram image.

Many old pictures were shown, including the pair dancing at their wedding.

Deborah shared photos of their kids and more current ones of them all.

Where is Al Roker Today?

Dylan Dreyer has taken over as Al Roker’s replacement.

Al Roker went missing on Monday during the third hour of the program. He was replaced by Dylan Dreyer, who Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin also joined.

Where is Al Roker Today? Why is he not on Today?
Where is Al Roker Today?

Al is off because he is enjoying his anniversary, Craig informed the Today’s viewers.

Al had a very solid reason for being missing. He took the day off work to spend his wedding anniversary with his wife, Good Morning America host Deborah Roberts. Fortunately, supporters need not be concerned.

Al posted a heartfelt message to his wife on Instagram for their wedding anniversary. Additionally, he shared other images of the couple taken on their wedding day almost three decades earlier.

AI shares photos from his wedding

Al also shared images from their wedding day on his Instagram.

In the post, he commented, “Deborah vowed to stand by her side through thick and thin 28 years ago. Good and bad times. The family she has given me, though, is the best gift. Cheers to another year, love.”

Al and Deborah appeared in the first few pictures, smiling broadly and wearing their wedding gown. In another picture, they were seen cutting their cake.

The last image from the wedding day shows the couple leaving as a photographer took their picture.

Over the years, the meteorologist also posted more pictures of them.

Some contained Courtney, Al’s daughter from a previous relationship, and their children, Nick and Leila.

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