What happened to Xolani Khumalo?

In the wild world of the internet, Xolani Khumalo, the IT wizard and courageous host of the popular anti-crime show Sizokuthola, is at the center of a storm.

Imagine a maelstrom of mystery and controversy around this committed activist fighting South Africa’s drug problems. 

Recognized for his unwavering stance against issues related to drugs,  Readers, don’t worry—we’re going to reveal all of this compelling story’s twists and turns. It’s going to be one crazy ride, so buckle up!

Who is Xolani?

Meet the courageous natural force from South Africa, Xolani Khumalo! He is a TV show host, an activist extraordinaire, and a change agent with a heart as wide as his dreams.

Every Sunday, Xolani Khumalo’s anti-crime reality show Sizokuthola airs on the Moja Love channel. As a former drug user, he was motivated to launch the program after observing the terrible consequences that narcotics had on his Tembisa neighborhood.

He claims he wants to expose the drug lords who are harming the young and future of our nation.

In Zulu, the title of the show is Sizokuthola, which means ‘we shall get them’. It centers on Khumalo and his group fighting back against alleged drug dealers and addicts to stop the epidemic of substance abuse.

Testimonies from former drug users who have changed their lives with the support of the host’s Foundation are also included on the show.

What happened to Xolani khumalo?

Moja Love Channels have publicly announced that they have terminated their relationship with Xolani Khumalo after he and his crew in July landed in hot water after an interrogation led to a man’s death

Khumalo was implicated in the death of alleged drug dealer Robert ‘Kicks’ Varrie after he and his crew allegedly cornered and interrogated Varrie at his home in Katlehong.

During the filming of the reality show that exposed drug traffickers and corruption in government departments, he was accused of torturing the alleged drug dealer until death.

There was a stir after a man who was allegedly involved in drug distribution died. Following his interrogation by Khumalo and his crew, Robert ‘Kicks’ Varrie was declared deceased.

He was taken to Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital in Vosloorus after the squad allegedly tortured him to discover more drugs in his home.

The victim was strangled and passed away in the hospital, according to State prosecutor Pheello Vilakazi.

Xolani Khumalo was accused of killing the drug The allegations against Xolani Khumalo included the drug leader’s murder during a raid in Katlehong.

What happened to Xolani Khumalo
Xolani Khumalo

However, he refuted any misconduct. His Foundation said in a statement that they followed the law and professional standards when conducting their business.

Why was Xolani Khumalo Arrested?

Notable for his part in Sizokuthola, Xolani Khumalo has dedicated his life to fighting South Africa’s drug problem and addressing drug hotspots to improve society.

His work has taken him to several locations over the past four months, where he has confronted and forced drug lords operating from well-defended strongholds to take responsibility for their acts.

When the Sizokuthola team showed up at a house in Katlehong, the story took a darker turn. Following the unfortunate death of Robert Varie, a guy suspected of selling, Xolani Khumalo was apprehended by the South African police.

Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation of the arrest yet, the report has already caused quite a stir in the internet community, sparking a lot of debate and conjecture.

The circumstances surrounding the death of Robert Varie, an alleged drug dealer, while Sizokuthola was filming are being looked into by the authorities.

The investigation’s goals are to learn the whole story behind the incident and the reason behind Varie’s tragic demise.

Understandably distraught, his associates are looking for explanations. On that terrible Wednesday, the Sizokuthola group was in a house in Katlehong when Varie passed away.

All of the incident’s readily accessible information is included in this article. Any new information will be quickly posted here. Return often to get updated information.

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