What happened to Wanda Smith?

Wanda Smith gained fame as a prominent radio host and comedian, notably on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, co-hosting the popular “Frank and Wanda in the Morning” show.

Prior to her radio career, she was a writer for Def Comedy Jam and later ventured into acting, with roles in films like “Madea Goes to Jail” and “Madea’s Witness Protection.” Beyond entertainment, Wanda is known for founding the empowerment group Girls Stand Together.

What happened to Wanda Smith?

Wanda Smith, the Atlanta radio host, was fired from V-103 in January 2019, following a heated on-air altercation with comedian Katt Williams.

The incident, which involved personal attacks, led to repercussions, including Smith’s termination, possibly due to her remarks and efforts to undermine Williams on air.

The interview between Williams and Smith started going South when he offended her meeting style. Smith then went ahead by guaranteeing that Williams has a played-out perm.

Williams then said that his “hair is 19 inches long and I have no perm,” and asked to “run one of your twisted fingers through it.”

Wanda Smith’s heated altercation with Katt Williams.
Wanda Smith’s heated altercation with Katt Williams.

Williams then advised Smith to eliminate her earphones and hairpiece, to which she told him to “take off the old-ass garments you got on.” Williams answered by opening his coat to show that he was wearing a piece from what he guaranteed was an at this point delivered Versace assortment.

“Only one of us has $12 worth of adornments on,” Williams added. “If you want to have Wanda’s gems, if it’s not too much trouble, go to Citgo or QuikTrip. On the off chance that you purchase two packs of Newport 100s, they will give you all that Wanda has on right now for $7.99 and it accompanies a free vehicle wash.”

Williams released a flood of weight jokes on Smith and he likewise shut down her idea that he invested energy in jail by advising us that he has “19 crimes, no convictions.”

Aftermath from the meeting might have made for an episode of “Atlanta:” The day after the portion, Smith’s significant other LaMorris Dealers supposedly stood up to and pursued Williams into a Home Terminal.

Williams told police Merchants pointed a weapon at him. Williams didn’t document charges; however, Merchants demanded the weapon be dropped from his belt, that Williams was the assailant, and that he needed to “safeguard my significant other.”

In January 2019, months after the portion, Smith was terminated from V-103 Atlanta. The motivation behind for what reason was never affirmed freely, however many estimates it had to do with Smith’s “lil’ mom” remarks and her endeavors to weaken Williams on the radio in a city notable for its Dark gay male populace.

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