What happened to Vladimir Duthiers on CBS This Morning?

Vladimir Duthiers’ unexpected departure from CBS This Morning has fans curious about what has become of him. 

A well-earned vacation in Anguilla suggests a suspenseful break in his newsman profession, providing Vlad the chance to savor family life while followers wonder and ask questions.

But when will he show up again? The anticipation grows as rumors of his return spread. Will Vlad return to the morning show stage, and what surprises are in store for the skilled journalist?

Vladmir Duthiers: Who is he?

Vladimir Duthiers is an American television journalist. His parents, Haitian immigrants of French and Chinese ancestry, brought him up in New York City. He is fluent in French, Mandarin Chinese, and Haitian Creole.

Before studying political theory, Duthiers originally studied news reporting at the College of Rhode Island. He began working in the financial services industry on Wall Street in 1991 after receiving his degree.

American TV journalist Vladimir Duthiers joined CBS News as a reporter in 2014 in the wake of enduring five years working for CNN.

He was a part of the CNN group that got two Emmy awards for its coverage of the 2010 Haitian seismic tremor, and he likewise got a Peabody award for his coverage of the Boko Haram kidnapping of Nigerian schoolchildren.

What happened to Vladimir Duthiers on CBS This Morning?

Duthiers suddenly disappeared from the program of CBS This Morning. He went on a vacation after welcoming his daughter. Céline Mari WeiZhen Wang-Duthiers, the daughter of Vlad and his wife Marian Wang, was born in February.

Vlad’s forthcoming promotion on the CBS morning program and this incident happened at the same time. Fans have recently noted Vlad’s absence from his job despite Céline’s birth six months earlier; this is probably because of his parenting duties.

The entire family, including the infant Céline, has decided that August is the best month to travel extensively in Anguilla.

What happened to Vladimir Duthiers on CBS This Morning?
What happened to Vladimir Duthiers on CBS This Morning?

During this time, Vlad will also take paternity leave from his job as a newsman. This well-earned sabbatical gives him the chance to spend time with his wife and children while temporarily putting his professional responsibilities on hold.

Is Duthiers leaving CBS This Morning?

No, Duthiers is certainly not leaving CBS This Morning. The Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist Vladimir Duthiers has been promoted to the position of featured host of the CBS morning program “CBS Mornings.”

He has contributed significantly to the show in the past as a journalist, guest anchor, and host of the “What to Watch” segment.

Duthiers will continue to serve as the host of “What to Watch,” but he will also take on a larger role as a featured host, expanding on his current position as an anchor for CBS News Live on the CBS News Streaming Network. 

Neeraj Khemlani, President and Co-Head of CBS News & Stations indicated that Duthiers will participate more actively in the morning show’s “Talk of the Table” portions with an emphasis on enhancing coverage of business, arts, and cultural subjects.

Duthiers’ importance to the network is highlighted by this elevation, which also puts him in a better position to add even more to the show’s rich material.

Why is Vladimir Duthiers not appearing on CBS This Morning?

The reason Vladimir Duthiers isn’t on “CBS This Morning” right now is because he’s on paternity leave. After the happy event of having their daughter, Duthiers and his wife decided to take a well-earned holiday.

Duthiers is on leave to embrace his new position as a dad and enjoy priceless moments with his wife and newborn daughter because he understands the necessity of spending quality time with his family during this important time.

This brief departure demonstrates his dedication to both his work obligations and his obligations, giving him the ability to strike a balance between his responsibilities as a newsman and a parent.

When will Duthiers return to CBS This Morning?

Vladimir Duthiers’ precise comeback date to the show is unknown because the length of his family’s vacation is yet unknown.

They left the Cap Juluca Hotel in Anguilla, according to an Instagram Story post. Vlad may be on his way back to New York, but based on his statement on a social media post, it’s probable that his return to work won’t happen until the beginning of September.

The lack of a timeframe suggests that his absence may continue for a few more weeks, which is consistent with his plan to return to work after the first few weeks of September.

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