What happened to Vanessa on Selling Sunset? Who does she still speak to from the cast?

After appearing in four seasons of Selling Sunset, Vanessa Villela rose to prominence. Her tenure on the show was brief, though, as she left after the fifth and second seasons.

In season six of Selling Sunset, newcomers Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi will step in to fill the voids left by Christine, Vanessa, and Davina. Here is the cause of Vanessa’s departure from the show before the sixth season.

What is Selling Sunset and who is Vanessa in it?

The highly entertaining reality TV series Selling Sunset on Netflix highlights the real estate brokers of The Oppenheim Group, a company based in Los Angeles.

The show highlights these agents’ fascinating lives as they attempt to balance an affluent social life. They also meet the daring needs of their extremely wealthy clientele.

Furthermore, the show also tracks their efforts to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. There has undoubtedly been a lot of intense drama in the last five seasons of the show.

One of the cast members who gained a lot of popularity among viewers since joining the show in season four is Vanessa Villela. Because of her lively and genuine demeanor, the 45-year-old real estate agent won over many fans.

Additionally, she demonstrated her worth to the Oppenheim Group team by concluding multiple multi-million dollar real estate transactions.

What happened to Vanessa on Selling Sunset?

Like Davina, Vanessa also departed Selling Sunset for work-related reasons. She declined an offer from The Oppenheim Group to work as a real estate agent for The Agency.

In a recent interview, Vanessa also revealed that she didn’t feel like she fit in with the other stars of the Netflix show.

While speaking about her exit from the show, Vanessa claimed it was a mutual decision and expressed optimism for the future.

She said, “I always felt like I was the new girl in school. It is an amazing show, and they are very successful, but I have to make my own life and fulfill my dreams.”

What happened to Vanessa on Selling Sunset

Vanessa shared that she still talks to a few of her former coworkers. She declared: “I adore Maya; we communicate frequently.

Although she is not in this season either, she is a wonderful person who has been very kind to me.

Vanessa Joined The Agency After Leaving The Oppenheim Group

Vanessa began her real estate career with The Agency, a direct competitor of The Oppenheim Group with offices in Los Angeles. Interestingly, Real Housewives star Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, owns The Agency.

Vanessa’s linear movement between the rival companies has surprised many Selling Sunset fans. However, the reality star is adamant that it is the best move for her career.

Vanessa described her new coworkers at The Agency as “incredible top agents” while interacting with the public.

She went on to say that, following two years as the lead actress of the Netflix series Selling Sunset, she was in the perfect position to fulfill all of her off-camera ambitions.

What did Vanessa say about leaving the show?

“I came back because I  took the path I wanted to take with my real estate career. I am aware that to be successful in real estate, I must be here.”

Vanessa expressed her gratitude to her agency colleagues for their cordial welcome back. She underlined that it felt like home, but she never truly experienced a sense of belonging at Oppenheim Group.

Vanessa stated that she had trouble adjusting to the company, despite her assertions that it was successful.

She found it easy to go back to the agency because of the circumstances. Vanessa, who is no longer on Selling Sunset, demonstrates that she can use her skills to stay relevant in the industry.

Though it is too soon to say, her fans are beginning to believe that she might return to the screens.

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