What Happened to Twomad? 

In the shimmering outline of the Los Angeles skyscrapers, as if a dark cloud of mystery, overhangs the peculiar world of virtual entertainment.

A legion of fans of the popular YouTuber and live streamer Twomad catch themselves completely hooked and wading in the shades of the unknown after the live streamer’s true identity is blurred by the veil of the alias.

As whispers of intrigue echo through the digital landscape, a chilling mystery unfolds, leaving many to ponder: Will this glittering personality take shape, or is there a deeper, much darker, secret behind the charm?

Who is Twomad? 

Being a YouTuber is not Twomad’s only purpose just as being a video games creator. He was born in 1993 in Canada.

He joined YouTube in 2017 primarily as a video gamer by playing Fortnite (an online battle royale game) and Overwatch (an online multiplayer first-person shooter).

Twomad’s tragic end shocks fans.

He is most known as the originator of the popular Goodnight Girl joke which consists of him saying this catchy phrase.

Additionally, Twomad serves as a role model for both Ethiopian and Canadian societies. He is an accomplished personnel whose real name is Muudea Sedik.

Twomad is notable for his entertaining solo movies and comedic bits. He is thus relatively popular among the netizens and he is well-known online.

Micro notably started off streaming on Twitch, later shifting to YouTube, hence, adding YouTube as a main channel to broadcast his gaming adventures. For the most part, he has two channels on YouTube.

The main channel’s focus is to let his audience see cool tricks that he can perform in gaming. He always delivers the quality, as it has been proven by his dedicated fan base.


What Happened to Twomad? 

The YouTuber and live streamer whose address was published by law enforcement on Tuesday, reported dead in his Los Angeles home on 13th February 2024.

Being the founder of several gaming YouTube channels, tributes have been flowing in continuously over his more than four million subscribers since news of his death made waves online.

The police were notified that a check call was made at Semit’s house for a welfare check as the YouTuber had missed a couple of appointments in the past week.

It is noticed from sources that there was no involvement of foul play but rather, the police are currently investigating the incident of the possible overdose under the umbrella of the drug-related equipment found at his house.

So, no single official confirmation is absent regarding the case. However, the fans have traced his footprints and have provided the reveal of the coroner’s report which was published on the official website of the medical examiner of LA County, written on February 13.

The doctor plans, in addition, to proceed with further invasive procedures to learn even more information.

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