What happened to Trixie on call the Midwife? Will Matthew and Trixie split?

Matthew’s financial difficulties in Call the Midwife have put a strain on his relationship with Trixie, who is suffering not only emotionally as the life they have built together crumbles, but also physically.

In Sunday’s episode of February 25, the nurse confided in Dr. Turner about her inability to sleep, which she had been combating with copious amounts of coffee, but she now needs something stronger to get back on track.

Trixie’s drinking problem was initially portrayed as a part of her party-going persona in the show’s early seasons, but it became clear over time that she was using alcohol as a crutch when life’s great stresses overwhelmed her – and her current situation is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges she is facing.

Is Trixie in danger of reverting to old habits following Matthew’s departure? The season 13 finale teaser suggests that she is in danger.

What did you miss?

Financial problems have wreaked havoc on Trixie’s (Helen George) and Matthew’s (Olly Rix) relationship in this season of Call the Midwife.

Call the Midwife viewers left ‘heartbroken’ by Matthew’s farewell.

With rumors circulating that Rix is leaving the show, fans have braced themselves for Matthew’s storyline to end tragically.

This week, there was another turn in the story. Matthew found a way out of his financial problems through a real estate transaction in New York City.

Trixie, on the other hand, was on the fence about accompanying him.

What happened to Trixie on Calling the midwife?

In the penultimate episode of Call the Midwife season 13, Trixie faced a difficult decision: should she stay in Poplar, where she has made a life for herself, but without Matthew by her side, or should she follow him to New York, leaving her job and friends behind?

Helen George
Helen George

Her husband had decided to relocate to the ‘Big Apple’ in the hopes of reviving his dwindling business prospects, a decision he had made without first consulting Trixie.

Matthew will be there for three to four months at first, but if his partnership with his friend Chester goes well, the move will most likely be permanent, casting doubt on their marriage.

There are numerous outcomes possible, including divorce, but the couple is deeply in love, which could lead Trixie to join him in the United States, where they could stay for months, years, or forever.

Later in the episode, Matthew stated, “I need to do this,” to which Trixie responded, “I know you do, but I need time. And there will be an ocean separating us.

Finally, they both apologized to each other and despite Matthew’s last-ditch efforts, she stayed. They declared their love for each other, leaving the audience in tears.

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