What happened to Tommyinnit?

What happened to Tommyinnit? Is TommyInnit dead or alive? Did TommyInnit leave gaming forever? What happened to the famous YouTuber TommyInnit? Is TommyInnit homeless? Don’t panic, have patience and be with us till the end to get all the answers to your questions.

What happened to TommyInnit?

TommyInnit aka Thomas Simons opened up about a serious incident that compelled him completely to leave YouTube and his YouTube career behind. However, instead, he chose to stay and continue his journey on YouTube.

TommyInnit revealed that a serious incident popped up just before his famous vlog with KSI went viral. The incident compelled Dream to call him.

TommyInnitTommyInnit further revealed that Dream gave him a warning by saying that people were about to come for him, further added that Tommy should shut his doors, lock his windows, get ready and prepare his mind for the worst scenario.

He further added that he had no idea about what the Dream was talking about and that he was completely freaked out after the conversation.

He further added that Dream was just saying that people were about to come for him and he needed to be prepared for that and that was not a joke. He said that it was the first time he ever got scared like this.

Not only him, but Dream also called TommyInnit’s parents and them the whole scenario which left them frightened as well. He added that he did not even complete the age of 18 when all these scary things were happening to him.

Is TommyInnit leaving the game forever?

Well, TommyInnit has not made any official announcement regarding his departure from gaming. In one of his videos ‘I Almost Quit Forever,’ he just spoke out his feelings and emotions to what extent he was feeling frustrated and burnt out with the game.

What happened to Tommyinnit?
What happened to Tommyinnit?

He further stated that he was planning to quit gaming forever, however, he changed his plan and decided to take a break from his gaming world.

In another video of him, he revealed that a serious incident happened to him which almost compelled him completely to leave YouTube and his famous gaming journey.

However, somehow after that whole worst scenario, he managed to continue gaming. He also said that he was not leaving the game and found some solid reasons to stay on YouTube and continue his journey in gaming.

Who is TommyInnit? What is his real identity?    

TommyInnit is one of the most popular Gaming stars and English YouTubers who has over 13 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

Collectively talking about his eleven YouTube channels, Tommy has around 24.74 million subscribers on YouTube. TommyInnit is the name he uses for his handle, however, his real name is Thomas Simons.

Thomas was born in Nottingham, England on the 9th of April in 2004. As of 2023, Thomas Simons is currently 19 years old. He is best known for producing Minecraft-related live streams and other videos and also collaborates with streamers and his fellow YouTubers on Dream SMP.   

Thomas is only a YouTuber, but has also worked as a streamer of a prominent Television Broadcasting Streaming Service Channel of America, popularly known as ‘Twitch.’ 

Tommy gave himself the title of an ‘Incredibly Influential Gamer’ and no doubt why did he give him this title? We can see that he proves his title by the style and gaming skills he possesses.

No one can ignore TommyInnit when it comes to video gaming. He is considered one of the Top Producers of Video Games.

He joined Dream SMP, which is a popular roleplay-focused Minecraft server handled by the famous Youtuber Dream, in 2020 which somehow turned out to be the main reason behind his success on YouTube and as a proficient gamer.

Other than this, Tommy started streaming the American Television Broadcasting Streaming Service Channel ‘Twitch’ in 2018, which also became the reason behind his fame and recognition. Tommy live streamed ‘The Dream SMP Finale,’ which crossed over 650,000 views on his YouTube channel.

Thomas Simons’ live stream became the third highest all-time current viewers live stream on the American Broadcasting Streaming Service Channel ‘Twitch.’

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