What Happened To Toby Keith Son? What Does He Do for a Living?

Stelen Colen, Toby Keith’s only child and third kid, was born in 1997, and brought into the world to Toby and his wife,  Stelen is currently 26 years old.

As an individual from the Keith family, he carries on the tradition of his well-known country vocalist father while cutting his way throughout everyday life.

What Happened To Toby Keith Son?

Nothing happened to Toby Keith’s child, he is healthy and youthful and maintains his own business. There was once a rumor that Toby Keith’s son died in a car accident, but you can rest easy knowing that Stelen is okay.

What Happened To Toby Keith Son
What Happened To Toby Keith Son?

Steven Keith Covel was brought into the world on October 23, 1997. Not at all like numerous superstar posterity, Stelen has manufactured his way to progress.

A flourishing business person and café proprietor, he’s shown wonderful freedom and business keenness.

At only 26 years of age in 2023, Stelen appreciates great well-being and a cheerful marriage, becoming famous while protecting the Keith family heritage in his extraordinary manner.

What Does Toby Keith’s Son Do for a Living?

Stelen is the owner of numerous eateries, such as Tequila Chulos, 405 Burger Bar, and Hollywood Corners. He manages his father’s restaurants across the family’s various branches, which helps the business.

He never desired to live in the shadow of his well-known father. He established himself as a successful businessman on his own.

Toby Keith’s Son’s Early Life And Family

Steven Keith Covel is an American resident, brought into the world by Toby Keith Covel and Tricia Lucus in the US.

He imparts his family to two kin, Shelley Covel Rowland and Krystal Keith.

His dad, Toby Keith, is an exceptionally acclaimed figure in the down-home music industry, eminent for collections, for example, “Toby Keith,” “Boomtown,” “Blue Moon,” and “Dream Walkin’.”

Stelen’s legacy is well established in the realm of music and diversion, continuing in the strides of his renowned dad.

Toby Keith’s Son Marriage

Steven Keith Covel tracked down enduring affection with his long-term sweetheart, Haley. Their excursion to conjugal delight remembered a heartfelt commitment to Las Vegas in June 2020, trailed by a lovely wedding service in November 2021, set against the scenery of Cascata Golf Club in Stone City, Nevada.

Their romantic tale started in 2015 and has been noticeably shared on Stelen’s Instagram account, exhibiting their getting through responsibility and joy all together.

Toby Keith’s Son Net Worth

Steven Keith Covel’s total assets stay private, yet his dad, Toby Keith, has acquired critical riches. Forbes magazine has named Toby as “Down home Music’s $500 million man” because of his significant profit from music, and his dress line TK Steelman.

Toby Keith’s son’s Social Media

Stelen Keith Covel’s innovative soul radiates through his Instagram bio, where he recognizes himself as an endeavor the board proficient.

Close by his dear companion Zeke Benoit, he helped to establish Nostalgic Evenings, a show booking organization, diving into the music business.

Strangely, while music runs in the family, Stelen picks to work in the background, emulating his dad’s example however avoiding the stage.

His complex vocation exhibits a mix of business discernment and a well-established association with the universe of diversion and music.

Toby Keith’s son is healthy and good.

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