What Happened To Tim Wakefield Wife? Another Tragic Loss for the Red Sox Family

The loving wife of the late pitcher Tim Wakefield, Stacy Wakefield, suddenly passes away, and the Red Sox community mourns yet another devastating loss. Let’s look into the moving tale of Stacy’s sudden passing and the lasting impact she leaves behind.

What Happened To Tim Wakefield’s Wife?

Stacy Wakefield, wife of former Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield, tragically passed away at 53, just months after her husband’s death.

Her legacy of kindness and compassion lives on, leaving a community in mourning but inspired by her enduring spirit.

Less than five months after her husband Tim Wakefield’s death, Stacy Wakefield experiences a heartbreaking turn of circumstances that brings her life to an end.

After suffering two straight losses, Stacy passes away at the age of 53 from her own health battle, leaving behind a broken family and a grieving community. The Red Sox family is left reeling from the loss.

A Fond Farewell to an Amazing Woman

Everyone who knew Stacy feels a hole in their hearts since her passing. Stacy was a light to everyone around her, a personification of kindness, love, and strength.

Many people admired her for her kind personality and steadfast support of her family, which makes her passing all the more tragic.

Tim Wakefield Wife
Tim Wakefield’s wife Stacy- A legacy of love remembered fondly.

The Red Sox released a statement from the Wakefield family that beautifully captures their memories of their beloved Stacy—a woman of unwavering grace, resiliency, and love.

The Wakefields take comfort in the knowledge that Stacy has found her true love and soulmate in Tim, and that they are saying goodbye to a beloved wife, mother, and friend.

A Heartfelt and Generous Legacy

Above and beyond their private lives, Tim and Stacy Wakefield showed kindness and compassion. Their unwavering commitment to helping organizations, such as the Jimmy Fund and the Red Sox Foundation, changed the lives of countless people and forever changed the community.

Collectively, they inspired others to change the world by demonstrating the genuine spirit of generosity and kindness.

Their influence is seen far beyond the baseball diamond, as the Wakefields’ legacy of kindness and care is honored by the Red Sox Foundation and the Franciscan Hospital for Children.

Stacy Wakefield
Stacy Wakefield

Their unwavering compassion in the face of tragedy acts as a source of inspiration and hope for everyone.

Following Stacy’s departure, the whole community, including the Red Sox family, meets up in grieving to honor an astounding lady whose light won’t ever go out.

They relax because of Stacy Wakefield’s extremely priceless memories and persevering through inheritance as they go through this trying street of loss and memory- she is a living illustration of the strength of adoration, versatility, and empathy.


The sudden death of Stacy Wakefield has the Red Sox family and the community at large mourning greatly.

They find comfort in the enduring legacy of love, kindness, and generosity that she leaves behind as they unite to honor her extraordinary life and mourn her departure.

Stacy will always be a source of inspiration and confidence in the hearts of everyone who knew her.

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