What happened to Tim on Texas Metal? What does the team at Texas Metal do?

At Ekstensive Metal Works in the heart of Texas, everything is bigger; owner/mastermind Bill Carlton and his creative team design and build outrageous, enviable cars and trucks.

Bill, a third-generation welder, elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary by utilizing everything from rusted wrecks to high-end vehicles.

Whether it is modified trucks or facelifts for classic muscle cars, Ekstensive provides detailed, full-service work to clients across the country.

Bill Carlton, Tim Donelson, and Heath Moore are probably the most prominent characters in “Texas Metal,” each bringing their own set of skills, expertise, and unwavering passion to the screen.

Who is Tim on Texas Metal?

 Tim on Texas Metal
Step Inside the World of Texas Metal TV Show:

Tim Donelson, an indispensable member of the “Texas Metal” cast, demonstrates his exceptional metal fabrication abilities.

Donelson, a seasoned fabricator, has a keen eye for precision and detail, expertly shaping and molding metal to bring the team’s ambitious visions to life.

His ability to transform raw materials into automotive works of art demonstrates his skill and dedication. Donelson’s unrivaled expertise and technical prowess shine through in every project he works on, making him an indispensable member of the “Texas Metal” team.

Aside from his involvement with Extensive Metal Works, Donelson maintains his website, where he displays his work.

When Donelson is not working with metal or building cars, he spends his time helping animals, such as his pet dog, Mr. Bleu.

Their story began one day when a puppy walked into Donelson’s garage, and then straight into his heart. The two have been inseparable since their very first meeting.

What happened to Tim on Texas Metal?

Tim Donelson
Tim Donelson

Tim Donelson left the show “Texas Metal” to pursue his business.

Tim Donelson was a key member of the team behind the Velocity Network’s show “Texas Metal,” which showcases the work of Extensive Metal Works, a custom car shop in Texas.

After appearing on the show, Tim decided to step away to concentrate on his endeavors. He is the owner of Donelson Paint & Body, a business that specializes in collision repair and custom paint jobs.

His departure from the show was amicable, and he continues to work in the automotive industry, applying his skills and passion to his own business.

While fans of “Texas Metal” miss his presence, they can still appreciate his craftsmanship through his independent work.

What does the team on Texas Metal do?

The team at Texas Metal’s Extensive Metal Works shop focuses primarily on building and restoring the largest trucks they can find.

The Ekstensive Metal Works team restores an average of 25 to 30 builds per month, and because each build is completely custom and unique, the team works almost constantly to hone their skills and get these builds out as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, they must uphold the high standards that Bill Carlton and the rest of the cast have established.

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