What Happened To Tim Curry? The Stroke That Changed The Life Of A Hollywood Icon

Tim Curry made his screen debut as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the beloved Rocky Horror Show back in 1973. Fans might be shocked to hear that the 77-year-old has provided the voices for other children’s flicks, such as Saving Santa and Ribbit.

Tim later had villainous roles in films like Legend (1985), when he played Lord of Darkness. After having a stroke, Tim lost the ability to move his legs.

The Englishman, who was born in Cheshire, is overall in good condition, although he has been in a wheelchair since 2012.

What happened to Tim Curry? The consequences following a stroke

Tim Curry suffered a deadly stroke in July 2022. His ability to move his legs was lost and he’s been strapped to a wheelchair ever since.

The Stroke Association issued a warning, saying that “all strokes are different” and that some people may only experience mild side effects while others may experience major long-term issues.

What Happened To Tim Curry
Tim Curry

A stroke can cause a range of physical symptoms, from stiffness or paralysis to muscle weakness.

According to the organisation, leg weakness affects around 75% of stroke survivors in the UK, and arm weakness affects over 75% of them.

If your muscles are weak you could have difficulties with walking, moving your arms or holding things. Aphasia and other persistent communication disorders can result from a stroke.

Aphasia is characterised by a diminished capacity to speak and comprehend language. A person’s capacity to read and write might also be impacted by aphasia.

Although aphasia is a “common problem after a stroke,” each person will experience the disorder differently.

Dysarthria happens when you’re not able to control the muscles in your face, mouth, and throat very well, so it’s difficult to speak clearly, according to the Stroke Association.

This can mean that your speech becomes slurred or slow, or that your voice sounds quiet.

For example, apraxia of speech refers to the inability to move the muscles in your mouth, face, or throat when you talk, which makes it challenging for other people to comprehend you.

What does Tim Curry’s personal life look like?

Curry became good friends with Freddie Mercury in the mid-1970s when the Queen singer saw Curry in both the 1975 film adaptation and the London stage version of The Rocky Horror Show.

After creating Mercury’s garden, Curry—a passionate gardener—spoke to the UK version of House & Garden magazine, saying, “Freddie came back from a tour and said, ‘The garden, dear, it’s dead.'” “What?” I exclaimed.

Have you given it any water? ‘Water it, dear?’ Freddie exclaimed. Along with being a co-star in the London version of Hair, Peter Straker was a close friend of both Curry and Mercury.

Since suffering a significant stroke in July 2012, Curry has been confined to a wheelchair. He has persisted in giving vocal performances and showing up at fan events, though.

Curry was replaced while he recovered by Greg Ellis as Doctor Morocco for the remaining episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots, James Arnold Taylor as G. Gordon Godfrey for the third season of Young Justice, and Ben Cross as the Sorcerer for the second season of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

In a live table reading of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in October 2020, Curry returned to the character of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, helping the Democratic Party of Wisconsin raise money for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

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