What happened to the Kelce brothers father?

Ed Kelce is the Father of Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce. He has been a great supporter and an influencing figure who never ceases to encourage them in the sport of playing football. This son of steel has contributed immensely in shaping his sons’ routes to success.

His family’s success in professional football is largely attributed to his dedication to them and his active participation in their lives.

Ed Kelce is more than just a proud father. He also features as an important factor in the journey of the Kelce brothers towards NFL stardom.

Ed Kelce Family

Ed Kelce’s family is a famous, cohesive one. They include Ed Kelce, his wife, Donna Kelce, and the two boys, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce. These guys hail from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and made a lot in the NFL.

Travis and Jason are doing great in their career as football players, where their parents, that is, their mother, Ed, and their father, Donna, have played an important role.

What happened to the Kelce brothers father?

Ed Kelce was found to have suffered from Crohn’s disease. In another “New Heights” podcast episode just this year, the elder Kelce was among other sons having a hearty chat together just ahead of their Super Bowl LVII date.

What happened to the Kelce brothers father
What happened to the Kelce brothers father?

That night, Ed looked at his father’s leg cast and got sad memories of his long ago when he had been unable to join the army because of his old high school football injury that caused his left knee cartilage to be removed.

He failed to join the army because of his health condition. Yet his advisers encouraged him to join the Coast Guard, where he could put the knowledge he had already gained into good use. Yet, at basic training, Ed Kelce was found to have suffered from Crohn’s disease.

Is Ed Kelce Still Alive?

Yes, Ed Kelce is alive. He did much that assisted his children to lead successful lives, especially their star son, Travis Kelce.

Ed enjoyed playing football but got injured in high school and never got the chance to enlist, just as his ancestors had it. Therefore, his children also fell in love with football.

However, sadly, Ed had contracted Crohn’s disease while serving in the Coast Guard and became critically ill. But he didn’t give up.

The hard work he took his sons through while working in the steel factory. Ed is the father of two NFL stars, Jason and Travis Kelce, along with his wife, Donna.

They were married for 25 years but are still good friends and help each other out with their kids. Ed Kelce is an awesome father, as he takes an interest in his children’s careers.

Where is Ed Kelce Today?

Home of Ed Kelce in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He moved from Cleveland to this region primarily because he wanted to be closer to his dear grandchildren.

This step underlines that Edd has remained loyal to this day to be a participating member involved in his family’s life, thus highlighting the need for strong family ties even when family members have formed their own families and jobs.

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