What happened to the Jardiance Lady?

In the world of advertising, there are celebrities linked to the products that they sponsor that draw crowds of viewers with their beauty and attractiveness.

But on the flip side, innate in the hits and the overwhelmed smiles, is a tale thick with concealment. Deanna Colón, aka the Jardiance Lady, once a popular figure in public life, is a puzzle that has left people unsure of her real whereabouts.

As whispers echo through the digital corridors of the internet, one can’t help but wonder: why would Jardiance Lady not be around anymore?

Who is Jardiance Lady?

If you have time in front of the TV set in the past twelve months, you will most likely have seen Deanna Colón singing and dancing in one of the Jardiance commercials in bright colors. The chorus has become a viral hit – people are sharing remixes, memes, and even expounding in the workplace.

Jardiance Lady
Deanna Colón: Jardiance commercial star.

Deanna was born and raised in Massachusetts and lived in her parents’ restaurant where she had a love for cooking and garlic when she was very young. But she also had an undeniable gift: a vibrato voice and love for music, she claims, was inherited from her mother.

She completed her music studies on a scholarship from the Berklee College of Music and since then she has hardly stopped. New York City and Los Angeles became homes for her.

She’s a vocal coach, yet a songwriter, also in the public circuit around the country making appearances, and her TikTok and Instagram pages where she has cooking videos that move fast and life lessons have amassed millions of likes.

Yes, there are haters around, but karma will get back to them. One thing is for sure, that is the truth about the 50-year-old star who is living her best life.

What happened to the Jardiance Lady?

Deanna Colón: Jardiance commercial star.
Deanna Colón

Deanna Colón, known as the Jardiance Lady, captivated audiences with her vibrant commercials promoting diabetes medication.

However, amidst controversy and mixed reactions online, she seems to have disappeared from public view, leaving fans wondering about her whereabouts and the future of the iconic ads.

Out of her much-debated opinions and controversies, Deanna Colon has however become most recognizable on the internet for her Jardiance commercials.

In a stylish city setting the blonde starts walking down the stairway of a townhouse and singing simultaneously. “I have type 2 diabetes, but I can manage it well,” she sings. It is when she is taken to a park in front of background dancers. “I pop a Jardiance tablet / Once every day at the break of the day.”

The distinctive chorus, which can even be quoted as lowering the A1C and thereafter announced as Jardiance being “really swell”, has an undeniable ability to become an earworm. “They played it so many times, now I’m begging the song to stop popping up in my dreams while I’m trying to sleep,” one Reddit user wrote on r/CommercialsIHate.

“I am pleading to people who cause this that they stub their toes every single day for the remainder of their lives.” Examples:

A majority of the advertising’s hatred has primarily been aimed at Colón, with some internet users using fatphobisity and sexism in their comments toward the advertisement’s leading lady. Just the same, when we speak of Jardiance commercials, not all negative things are said.

“Guys, Y got so real that @XAd, formerly known as Twitter”, posted a Twitter user showing respect for the social media participant who had taken the platform to advise on the powerful commercial.

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