What happened to the Guthrie family? The Missing Family Case That Has Had The Law On Guard for 4 Decades

Leslie Guthrie and her two small children vanished from Westchester, New York, inexplicably in 1977.

Leslie drove her green 1974 Ford Maverick with a white roof and New York State licence plate 636-WNA out of her home with Julie, age 6, and Timmy, age 3.

It was a snowy February day, and it was the final time the family was together. When faced with marital issues, the family considered many options, such as beginning over, even being involved with a cult, or suffering a terrible accident.

Leslie, Julie, and Timmy’s whereabouts have been unknown for 46 years, despite the unwavering efforts of Leslie’s family and her husband, Tim Guthrie Sr.

What happened to the Guthrie family?

The Gutherie family went missing in 1977 and has never been found since. The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, the Detective Bureau of the Bedford Police, and investigative reporter Kristin Thorne are all actively working on the case.

What happened to the Guthrie family
Leslie Guthrie

Leslie’s unique strawberry birthmark is noted by the National Centre, which asks anyone with knowledge to contact Detective Whalen. The mystery surrounding the Guthrie family remains unsolved.

Were the Guthrie family ever found?

Leslie, Julie, and Timothy Guthrie went missing from Katonah, and their enigmatic disappearance is still unresolved.

Despite a cordial romance with Timothy Sr., Leslie’s divorced husband, she abruptly left in a white 1974 Ford Maverick.

When they failed to return, Timothy Sr. filed a missing person’s report, which prompted an investigation that excluded him as a possibility.

Leslie left without leaving any personal effects or making any financial arrangements. Authorities are confused, as neither the family nor the car have been found.

The disappearance of the Guthrie family leaves an enigmatic and unexplained chapter in the history of unsolved disappearances.

What was the Guthrie family’s story?

Leslie Guthrie vanished on February 5, 1977, along with her two children, Julie and Timothy, leaving behind a mysterious case that has been unsolved for forty-five years.

In an attempt to reopen the cold case, Bedford police recently revealed age-progressed images showing Leslie at 65 and her children at 51 and 48.

The family’s green 1974 Ford Maverick with licence plate 636-WNA was last spotted being driven by the group.

Leslie, who was 29 years old at the time, got along well with her former spouse, Timothy Sr. Authorities were perplexed by their abrupt disappearance, which showed no signs of premeditation.

It is hoped that these updated photos will spark new inquiries that will reveal the Guthrie family’s fate and bring much-needed resolution to this unsolved mystery.

The inquiry is ongoing, so anyone with knowledge is encouraged to come forward.

Leslie, Julie, and Timothy Guthrie were born and raised in Katonah, New York, in Westchester County. Bedford police are still looking for the family since they don’t know where they are.

The community and authorities are still looking for answers in an effort to solve the long-standing mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Guthrie family.

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