What happened to Tara Reid?

Fans soak in every bit of celebrity feud coverage that the media has been providing for years. Stars get into vicious back-and-forths that can be stunning when big feuds take center stage.

Tara Reid, who played American Pie, got down with Jenny McCarthy for a talk a few years ago. Things were fine at first, but during the interview, they turned tense, and the two started trading personal verbal attacks.

Let’s look at the interview that led to an ugly verbal exchange between Jenny McCarthy and Tara Reid.

Tara Reid And Jenny McCarthy

Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy are two prominent personalities in the entertainment industry with individual histories and accomplishments.

Before winning her breakout role in the 1998 classic movie The Big Lebowski, Tara Reid appeared in several commercials.

She rose to fame, nevertheless, thanks to her portrayal of Vicky Lathum in the 1999 teen comedy American Pie. This movie established Reid’s reputation in Hollywood and became a cult favorite.

Reid’s career flourished with parts in films like Josie and the Pussycats (2001) and Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002). She also became well-known for her roles in the Sharknado movie series, which acquired a devoted following for its outrageous, campy style.

In contrast, Jenny McCarthy started as a model and rose to fame as the 1993 Playboy Playmate of the Year. McCarthy used her modeling experience to make the switch to television. She gained prominence by co-hosting MTV’s dating game program Singled Out.

McCarthy’s acting career flourished, and she appeared in sitcoms, including Jenny. The View with Two and a Half Men.

When Reid appeared on McCarthy’s show in 2016, things quickly got heated between the two celebrities.

What happened to Tara Reid?

After trading personal jabs with Jenny McCarthy, Tara Reid stormed out.

According to People, after McCarthy brought up Reid’s experience with reality shows, everything started to fall apart.

When questioned about the show, Reid responded, “Talking about it is not worthwhile. It has some perplexing aspects. We are not talking about it.”

What happened to Tara Reid?
What happened to Tara Reid?

McCarthy ignored the hint and continued talking about the program. Reid became enraged by this and reminded McCarthy again that discussing the show was forbidden.

“Babe, I begged you, let’s not discuss this show.” Reid responded.

After that, the conversation turned to Reid’s appearance in the Sharknado movies before moving on to plastic surgery, a sensitive subject for any celebrity.

“I believe I’ve explained that 100 times or more. Maybe you only read the negative stuff, but I’ve been quite clear about that for so long”. After responding to a query about having had enough plastic surgery, Reid advised people to “read whatever they want to read.”

The two continued to argue and exchange insults before Reid’s departure.

Statement of Reid’s representative

Reid felt blindsided, according to Reid’s representative, who later remarked on what happened.

“Tara is a positive individual who opposes women criticizing one another. When she arrived at the performance with a bright attitude and in a cheerful mood, she was bullied by Jenny and felt ambushed. When Sharknado 4 should have been the main topic of discussion, Jenny’s attempt to divert attention for her advantage was regrettable,”

According to Reid representative.

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