What happened to Susan Opferman, former principal of Webb Bridge Middle School?

A janitor was fired, or forced to resign, after leaving his post eight minutes early. The incident, captured on TikTok by @sarah_conner1, depicts the moment a man named Jonathan Holley was fired from his job at Webb Bridge Middle School.

The clip starts with an official, later identified as the school’s principal, Susan Opferman, suggesting that Jonathan left work at 2:45 p.m. Jonathan tries to explain himself, but Susan reprimands him.

“Jonathan, stop talking!” Susan yelled. “What are your hours? Tell me again.” Jonathan explained that he left work before 3:00 p.m. because he was scheduled to come in early the next day.

“You can’t change your schedule just because you feel like it,” Susan added. The conversation continues as Jonathan attempts to explain himself but to no avail.

He also claimed that the principal had thrown him out because others left at the same time as him.

What happened to Susan Opferman
Susan Opferman resigned from the school.

Jonathan updated the video with additional context. Jonathan stated that he was forced to resign following the incident and that he was pushed out by the school administration.

“I did no wrong whatsoever,” Jonathan said. While the incident happened in 2016, the video has gone viral again, and TikTok users are sharing their thoughts.

Jonathan Holley was forced to resign as a janitor at Webb Bridge Middle School for leaving work 8 minutes early.

Who is Susan Opferman?

Susan Opferman is an educational enthusiast, a dedicated tutor, and a (former) employee of the Fulton County Board of Education who has been the Principal of Webb Bridge Middle School since 2011.

As obvious as her disciplinarian methods and cold personality appear, Susan’s strong sense of perception and acute time management have profoundly led her to be viewed as an authoritarian; her very essence has been marked with questionable conduct, as many people’s opinions of her seem to vary, with the majority of them being negative.

She had dedicated more than a decade of her life to her career in education. The janitor incident was a watershed moment in her life, propelling her to fame for all the wrong reasons.

What happened to Susan Opferman Principal?

The viral video from Webb Bridge Middle School shows a 2016 confrontation between the school’s principal, Susan Opferman, and a janitor named Jonathan Holley.

Jonathan, a father of four and the head custodian of the school, had been working there for three years. Susan chastised him for leaving work earlier.

Jonathan explained that he arrived 15 minutes early that day to allow firefighters into the school for an inspection. Despite arriving early, he left 8 minutes before his shift was scheduled to end.

What happened to Susan Opferman

Susan’s condescending attitude sparked outrage among netizens who watched the video. Viewers accused her of abusing her power.

Some accused her of racism, while others claimed she lacked respect for Jonathan because of his position as janitor.

Susan resigned, but TikTok users continued to drag her online. One person described Susan’s actions as “appalling” and argued that she should not be in a management position.

While some may regard her actions as extreme and unjustified, others may see them as a personal vendetta or an attempt to uphold workplace ethics.

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