What happened to Suki in Legend of Korra? Why was Suki not in Legend of Korra?

Many of the well-liked characters from the first Avatar: The Last Airbender series were revived and given significant roles in The Legend of Korra.

In the later books, Zuko and Toph become more prominent, but Katara is there from the start. In particular, Toph develops into a recurring character in the show’s last season.

Naturally, Aang is no longer alive because, for another Avatar to exist, he had to pass away. He nevertheless continues to manifest as an Avatar spirit that is part of Korra.

But Avatar: The Last Airbender is missing a few obvious things. The most noticeable of these, in addition to Azula, is the absence of Suki and Sokka.

What happened to Suki in Legend of Korra?

While there isn’t much shown about Sokka in Legend of Korra, he at least gets a few moments of attention.

Suki, tragically, goes completely unmentioned in the series. But thanks to the comics, we have some decent information about what she was up to after The Last Airbender ended. She met up with the Kyoshi Warriors again after going back to her roots.

The adult lives that Sokka and Suki shared are not well described. There is no information about Sokka’s personal life in Legend of Korra.

Suki is entirely left out, and only his involvement with Aang and the council is discussed. It seems reasonable to assume that the couple never ended their relationship because they remain happy together throughout the comic books.

What happened to Suki in Legend of Korra
Suki’s Unknown Journey in the Legend of Korra

Since no children are mentioned or shown in Legend of Korra, it is clear that they did not have any. In the best-case scenario, Sokka and Suki got married and had long, happy marriages.

Why these two adored characters did not play a bigger part in Legend of Korra, or any role at all in Suki’s case, is unclear. The Legend of Korra contained a few odd allusions to the original series.

After being set free from captivity, Suki assisted Aang and his allies in defeating the Fire Nation and eventually met up with the other Kyoshi Warriors.

She continued to command the Kyoshi Warriors after the Hundred Year War ended, acting as Fire Lord Zuko’s bodyguard and helping to vanquish the New Ozai Society.

Why was Suki not in Legend of Korra

Suki’s post-war journey

Suki rejoined her formidable group of female fighters, the Kyoshi Warriors, after the conflict with the Fire Nation. They played a crucial role in defending Zuko—who had evolved into the Fire Lord—against the New Ozai Society, a violent group out to destroy him.

Suki’s relationship with Zuko grew stronger as she protected him and discovered that she could forgive him for his past actions.

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