What happened to Steve in Shameless? The Shady Charm of ‘Shameless’

In the wild, tumultuous world of Showtime’s “Shameless,” there’s no shortage of morally compromised characters. Yet, one character, in particular, stands out as the master of deception, using a bevy of aliases during his 40-episode arc on the show.

Meet Steve Wilton, Jimmy Lishman, and Jack, brought to life by actor Justin Chatwin. Steve, or Jimmy, or Jack, or whatever you prefer to call him, left an indelible mark on the Gallagher family and “Shameless” fans alike. Let’s dive into his tumultuous journey through the chaos of the South Side.

Steve: The Unlikely Hero

Steve made his entrance in the pilot episode, and his encounter with Fiona’s purse snatcher set the stage for a whirlwind romance.

However, this supposed hero had more shades of gray than the Windy City’s skyline. A habitual liar and criminal, Steve lived a double life, constantly deceiving Fiona and her unconventional family.

The show’s characters, at various points, tried to expose his shady nature, but Steve had an uncanny ability to regain Fiona’s trust.

What happened to Steve in Shameless?

Steve, a character in ‘Shameless,’ had a wild journey. He was thought to be dead in Season 3 but returned later. His relationship with Fiona went through ups and downs. However, by Season 5, their story changed, and Steve’s character evolved.

Although the show has ended, Steve remains a memorable part of ‘Shameless.’

Just as you thought you’d seen the last of Steve in Season 3, a shocking twist occurred. In the Season 4 finale aptly titled “Lazarus,” he seemingly returned from the dead, defying the expectations of both characters and viewers.

This resurrection spiraled Fiona into a maelstrom of conflicting emotions, leading her to cheat on her husband, Gus, with her old flame.

What happened to Steve in Shameless

But could Steve’s phoenix-like return truly rekindle their tumultuous romance? “Shameless” fans were in for another rollercoaster ride in Season 5.

The ‘Shameless’ Shakedown: Steve’s Final Acts

In Season 5, Steve made a triumphant return, but this time, something was different. Justin Chatwin, the actor who breathed life into this character, believed that Fiona had grown stronger and less penetrable to Steve’s manipulations.

Their relationship had evolved, or devolved, into something unrecognizable. This new dynamic spelled the beginning of the end for their passionate but tumultuous love story.

Steve’s return for three episodes in Season 5 felt like the final chapter of their saga. But Justin Chatwin’s exit marked the end of an era for “Shameless” and a fresh start for the actor beyond the South Side.

Life After ‘Shameless’ – Justin Chatwin’s Ascension

Justin Chatwin didn’t let grass grow under his feet after exiting the world of “Shameless.” The year following his departure, he took the lead role as Cam Hawthorne in the CBS mystery series “American Gothic.”

The show’s untimely demise after one season due to poor viewership didn’t deter Chatwin’s drive to explore new horizons.

In 2016, Chatwin made a notable guest appearance on “Dr. Who,” solidifying his place in the hearts of sci-fi enthusiasts worldwide.

His versatility as an actor started to shine through, catching the attention of industry insiders.

Chatwin’s Road to “Reagan” – The Upcoming Biopic

Justin Chatwin’s career in the entertainment business has been marked by constant advancement. He will star as Jack Reagan, the father of President Ronald Reagan, portrayed by Dennis Quaid, in the soon-to-be biopic “Reagan.”

As he immerses himself in yet another transformative role, Chatwin’s career continues to ascend to greater heights.

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