What happened to Stetson Bennett? The Rams’ quarterback mystery and the 49ers’ reign in the NFL

Twists and turns are common in the NFL, and one such curveball has perplexed fans: the sudden disappearance of Stetson Bennett, the Los Angeles Rams’ rookie quarterback.

As soon as it was announced that Bennett had been placed on the non-football injury list, rumours about the reasons for this surprising action abounded.

Stetson Bennett’s Placement is the Rams’ enigma on the Reserve List

Stetson Bennett was glaringly absent from the Rams’ victory over the Seattle Seahawks in their season opener.

His absence was initially blamed on a shoulder injury, but Rams head coach Sean McVay quickly debunked those claims. Bennett instead wound up on the non-football injury list, surrounded by mystery and intrigue.

Stetson Bennett
Stetson Bennett (Source: Instagram)

Coach McVay, who is famed for his candour, chose prudence this time. “I hope you can respect my wishes to keep this in-house,” he said. I understand your employment requirements; however, certain details must be kept private out of respect.”

As a result, supporters’ inquisitive minds were left with more questions than answers. Bennett is set to miss a game due to the regulations associated with this list.

A minimum of four games are required, adding to the interest in this growing narrative.

What happened to Stetson Bennett?

Bennett’s bright career was derailed by his untimely injury. This setback opened the door for Brett Rypien, who was drafted off the Los Angeles practice squad, to take over as backup quarterback.

What happened to Stetson Bennett? The Rams' quarterback mystery and the 49ers' reign in the NFL
What happened to Stetson Bennett?

The Road to the Rams for Stetson Bennett

Stetson Bennett’s rise to the NFL was nothing short of extraordinary. He was the Rams’ No. 128 overall pick in the fourth round of the 2023 NFL Draught.

The goal was for him to act as a backup quarterback to main quarterback Matthew Stafford, adding depth to the squad.

Bennett’s College Legacy: A Legendary Career

Stetson Bennett earned a name for himself in college football before making his NFL debut. He was the driving force behind Consecutive College Football Playoff championships for the Georgia Bulldogs in 2021 and 2022.

Bennett’s college career statistics revealed his prowess: 8,429 yards thrown, 66 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions.

The 49ers vs. Rams Game: A Dominance History

While Stetson Bennett’s sudden absence creates concerns, the next game between the 49ers and the Rams has its own storyline. In recent seasons, the 49ers have indisputably established their dominance against the Rams.

Despite the Rams’ Super Bowl victory over the Cincinnati Bengals just two seasons ago, it’s difficult to overlook the 49ers’ constant success against them.

The 49ers have won eight of their last ten meetings, demonstrating their strong track record of outperforming the Rams.

This incredible run predates the signing of Christian McCaffrey, a brilliant running back known for his flexibility.

McCaffrey’s Week 1 performance confirmed his reputation with 152 yards rushing, a touchdown, and three receptions.

The 49ers’ quarterback, Brock Purdy, put on a calm performance, completing 220 passes for 220 yards and two touchdowns. He took on the role of team game manager with ease.

As the 49ers and Rams prepare for their next meeting, doubts surround Stetson Bennett’s unexpected departure and the Rams’ potential to restore their dominance.

One thing is clear in the NFL’s ever-changing landscape: surprises and suspense are par for the course.

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