What Happened To Steph In Emmerdale? Unveiling The Woman Behind The Character

Certain personalities in television leave an imprint on the collective memory of viewers. Lorraine Chase, well known for her role as Steph Stokes in the long-running ITV soap opera Emmerdale, is one such artist whose on-screen presence was felt by audiences.

Lorraine Chase’s story, however, extends beyond her time on the show. This blog chronicles the talented actress’s enthralling journey, including her experiences on reality television, the obstacles she faced in the face of health worries, and the heartbreaking story of her husband’s death.

Steph Stokes: The Difficult Character

Lorraine Chase played the part of Steph Stokes from 2002 until 2006, with a brief return in 2013.

Steve Frost, Emmerdale’s then-executive producer, was drawn to Lorraine because she had a significant physical similarity to Tricia Stokes’ mother, which brought credibility to her portrayal.

What Happened To Steph In Emmerdale? Unveiling The Woman Behind The Character
What Happened To Steph In Emmerdale?

Steph Stokes was the driving force behind some of the show’s most intense and contentious plotlines, which explored subjects including family bereavement, mental illness, murder, fraud, and incestuous sexual abuse.

The character’s turbulent life in Emmerdale left a lasting impression on the series.

Steph Stokes’ character left the town in a blaze of drama, being jailed after a dramatic attempt to take both her life and her father’s by driving her car off a cliff, leaving an indelible impact on the programme.

Exploring the Unscripted World of Reality TV

Lorraine Chase’s abilities stretched far beyond planned roles. Following her time on Emmerdale, she ventured into the volatile world of reality television.

In 2011, she was a contestant on the widely acclaimed ITV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, where she finished fourth.

Her experiences in the jungle proved more difficult than she had imagined, as she openly admitted after leaving the show.

The actress resumed her venture into reality television with appearances on Channel 5’s Celebrity Carry on Barging in 2017 and Celebs on the Farm in 2018.

These shows showed Lorraine Chase outside of the confines of scripted drama, putting her in unscripted situations where her true personality shone through.

What happened to Steph in Emmerdale? Overcoming Real-life Health Challenges

Lorraine Chase had a major health issue in 2013 when a malignant tumour on her face was removed.

The excision of a slowly growing skin cancer was performed between the bridge of her nose and her left eye.

What Happened To Steph In Emmerdale
What Happened To Steph In Emmerdale?

Lorraine stated that she was genuinely anxious about her experiences, but that she was eventually pleased that it was over.

“I now call myself ‘Scarface,’ but in reality, the scar is barely noticeable,” she admitted. While the cancer excision left a substantial hole, the ophthalmic surgeon who conducted the treatment did so with amazing care.

“I was concerned about my appearance after the surgery, but with the exception of a little ridge along my nose, I believe it has improved. Even improved that eye.

The most major relief is that the cancer has been eradicated. I’m not ready to say goodbye to this mortal coil just yet.”

Lorraine said in a statement she issued after the surgery. She had also triumphed over cervical cancer twelve years before, demonstrating her strong spirit.

Lorraine’s Personal Loss: Surviving Heartbreak

Lorraine’s life was turned upside down when her husband, John Knight, died of cancer in 1996. Lorraine said that she has never really recovered from the tremendous grief of his death.

She expressed her heartfelt memories, saying, “I watched him go through gruelling chemotherapy, which was debilitating.”

He was advised that it was time for the next round of chemotherapy just as he was regaining some strength. He never said anything.

I only saw tears in his eyes after he received the heartbreaking news that stem cell replacement therapy had failed.

Despite understanding that his chances of survival were diminishing, he persisted and agreed to every medical operation.”

Lorraine also discussed her husband’s death, emphasising that she had never really accepted it.

His dying moments were spent at home, leaving an indelible mark on her life that she now carries with her.

Artists’ stories often capture us as much as the characters they portray in the world of entertainment.

Lorraine Chase’s career presents a picture of strength and grief, from her captivating role as Steph Stokes in Emmerdale to her resilience in battling health issues, she presents a picture of a woman whose life parallels the intricacies she depicted on television.

Lorraine continues to inspire and remind us that our favourite stars are often just as wonderful off-screen as they are on.

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