What happened to Skylar Neil?

Skylar Lynnae Neil is the one and only biological offspring of Vince Neil Wharton and Sharrise Ruddell, his second lovely wife.

Vince has been involved in a number of contentious and unfavorable matters for a number of years, but this piece focuses on the sad event in his life—the passing of his daughter. 

Who was Skylar Neil?

Lynnae Skylar Neil was the daughter of Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil Wharton, an unbelievable figure in the weighty metal stone scene.

Skylar was Vince’s kid with Sharise Ruddell, his subsequent spouse.

Vince’s daughter, Skylar, was welcomed to the world on the 26th of Walk 1991. Her father, Vince Neil is of Mexican dive from his mother’s side while his own father had Nearby American parentage.

Skylar to the extent that anybody knows experienced youth in Chatsworth, California.

Along with their celebrity, Lynnae’s father, Vince, and his bandmates have made headlines throughout the years for their drug and alcohol-fueled backstage antics.

On the other side, a few or two catastrophes have also affected a few of the group’s guys. The passing of Skylar Lynnae Neil, Neil’s young daughter, is one such event.

Sharise Ruddell, Skylar’s mother, is a fashion model and a prominent former mud wrestler. Ruddell wed Neil in 1987, and Skylar, their first child, was born four years later.

Sharise and Neil eventually divorced in 1993, a few years later. Skylar’s parents had already ended their union and were getting ready to divorce when she passed away.

Skylar Lynnae Neil’s singer dad has had a few relationships before. Tami was his first officially known girlfriend. The previous couple anyway never wedded.

Vince Neil, Skylar’s father, had a total of three kids from one or two of his relationships. Neil and Elizabeth are the only two remaining half-siblings of Skylar.

What happened to Skylar Neil?

Unfortunately, Skylar Neil died of Cancer. Health issues first surfaced for Skylar Lynnae previously. Little Skylar originally experienced simple flu-like symptoms in the first week of April 1995, which marked the beginning of the issues.

Since these symptoms were quite typical in toddlers, it was not a dangerous situation for her either.

What happened to Skylar Neil?
What happened to Skylar Neil?

Even though it appeared to be nothing more than a typical virus, the discomfort eventually became intolerable for her.

Her mother immediately drove Lynnae to the West Hills Medical Center. Skylar was immediately admitted to the hospital as soon as she arrived.

Her dad, Vince got the information regarding what was going on with his lovely daughter, by his then-spouse, Sharise through a call.

At first, doctors thought Neil’s severe abdominal pain was the result of a ruptured appendix. Later, as the situation worsened and a cancerous tumor known as the Wilms Tumor appeared around the child’s tummy, her life was completely flipped upside down.

She had two tumors in each kidney, according to the results of her CAT scan. Neil had trouble breathing because the tumors seemed so large and had a negative effect on her lungs.

Skylar Underwent 10 hours of Surgery before her death

Lynnae’s situation did not appear to improve. The physicians advised her parents to transfer her to Children’s Hospital so they could offer her the best care possible because her four-hour chemotherapy and intense radiation treatment were part of the treatment plan.

Skylar’s parents did everything they could to help her feel even slightly better, spending countless days and nights at her side. In order to divert their daughter from suffering, Vince and Sharise dressed up like Neil’s favorite Disney character.

Unfortunately, the situation worsened as the malignant tissue invaded her lungs, back muscles, and colon.

Skylar ended up having her final surgery, a ten-hour procedure, as a result. The physicians worked for long hours to save her, but they were unable.

Specialists operated 6 and a half pounds of tumor from the little one’s body. Her dad wrote in the band’s journal, that the tissue was of a similar weight Skylar had been to the point at which she was conceived.

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