What happened to Sinbad? Sinbad makes first public appearance since suffering a stroke

American stand-up comedian and actor David Adkins (born November 10, 1956) is known by his stage name Sinbad. Before becoming a famous comedian and actor, David Atkins played Division 1 basketball at the University of Denver.

He also served in the United States Air Force for a brief period before he was discharged after a series of wrongdoings. After that, Atkins attempted stand-up comedy and the entertainment business, and he was cast in a different world.

In the 1990s, he gained notoriety for hosting his own HBO specials and making appearances on several TV shows, most famously as David Bryan on The Sinbad Show (1993–1994) and Coach Walter Oakes in A Different World (1987–1991).

David Adkins
How old is Sinbad now?

Adkins has also appeared in films such as That’s Adequate (1989), Coneheads (1993), Houseguest (1995), Jingle All the Way (1996), Crazy as Hell (2002), and Planes (2013).

Sinbad married Meredith Fuller in 1985. They have two children together. After divorcing in 1992, the couple got married again in 2002. His family informed the media in November 2020 that Sinbad was recuperating from a recent stroke.

What happened to Sinbad?

Sinbad had a stroke in 2020. Sinbad’s recent absence from the entertainment industry has been due to a stroke that he suffered in October 2020.

Two years after the fatal stroke brought on by a blood clot advancing from his heart to his brain, Sinbad was reportedly still learning how to walk.

In July 2021, nine months after his stroke, Sinbad was finally allowed to go back home.

What happened to Sinbad

After going through a stroke more than three years ago, Sinbad is making a comeback in the spotlight. The 67-year-old comedian made his first public appearance since suffering a stroke in October 2020 by taking part via Zoom in an event held at the Atlanta University Center last week that featured the cast of “A Different World.”

The 67-year-old comedian gushed about the love and support he has received while battling his medical issues in his first social media post since 2022.

Sinbad stepped back into the spotlight a bit at the end of February to accompany his costars “A Different World” for their initial stop on a 10-city tour of HBCUs.

Even though Sinbad’s participation was limited to Zoom, the audience enthusiastically applauded him.

In his most recent video, he expresses surprise that the college students even recognized him.

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