What happened to Sharona on Monk? Does Sharona return to Monk?

Adrian Monk would never have recovered from his nervous breakdown after his wife was murdered if Sharona Fleming had not been there.

Over the course of the eight seasons of the show (and films, Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie), Monk became the mystery-solving, OCD-afflicted sleuth that fans had grown to love thanks to Sharona’s assistance in helping him overcome his agoraphobia and reintegrate into society.

Nevertheless, Bitty Schram, who played Sharona, left the show after the third season and only made a guest appearance in the last season, so Sharona did not remain for all eight of those seasons. Scroll down to read why Schram left Monk.

What happened to Sharona on Monk?

In the fictional world of the show, Sharona, who had repeatedly threatened to leave Monk, did resign from the company at the conclusion of Season 3 in order to remarry Trevor, her former spouse, and return to New Jersey with him. Perhaps the truth about Schram’s departure is more nuanced.

A USA Network representative stated that Schram’s 2004 departure was a creative decision.
“Monk has chosen to take some of its characters in a different creative direction,” the representative stated.

“We thank Bitty for her noteworthy contributions and wish her all the best. She will not be continuing with the cast.”

Subsequent reports, however, implied that contract disputes were a major factor in the departure. Along with co-stars Ted Levine and Jason Gray-Stanford, Schram—who received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the program—asked for an increased salary in order to return.

What happened to Sharona on Monk
Why did Sharona leave Monk?

While Schram left the show, Levine and Gray-Stanford remained as Lieutenant Randy Disher and Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, respectively.

Traylor Howard’s Natalie Teeger, who plays an assistant, took her place instead.

Does Sharona return to Monk?

Sharona return to Monk

Sharona appears in the Monk movie, despite having a brief cameo. Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie opens with a flashback to “Mr. Monk and the Candidate,” the first episode of the series.

Schram returned for an episode in Season 8, so whatever animosity there may have been did not stop him.

Star Tony Shalhoub stated, “We could not think of a better way to help wrap up the series than with the return of Bitty’s character.” “It is long overdue that Sharona receives some closure.”

Remember, Schram’s involvement in the next film has not yet been confirmed.

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