What happened to Sharon on Major Crimes? Everything about Major Crimes

Major Crimes is an American police investigation television show starring Mary McDonnell. The show ended on January 9, 2018.

In the final season, a few episodes before the end of the show, the makers decided to kill off one of the main characters (Sharon Ryder). For those wondering what happened to Sharon in Major Crimes, here’s everything you need to know:

Sharon Raydor’s death in Major Crimes remains one of the most shocking endings for a popular show’s protagonist. Kyra Sedgwick and J.K. Simmons starred in TNT’s Major Crimes, a spinoff of The Closer.

When The Closer ended after seven seasons in 2012, Raydor earned her series with Major Crimes. The show, like its predecessor, performed well, so it was surprising when TNT canceled it after six seasons. However, that was only the beginning of the surprise, as the show came to an end.

What happened to Sharon on Major Crimes?

Sharon Raydor, played by Mary McDonnell, died unexpectedly in Season 6 of Major Crimes from a heart condition, sparking debate about the timing and the removal of McDonnell’s name from the credits.

Major Crimes is a spin-off of the popular series The Closer. In the final season, the creators decided to kill Sharon Raydor, one of the show’s main characters.

Sharon Ryder had a large fan base due to her character arc in The Closer. The character’s death shocked many fans because the entire spin-off show revolved around her.

Mary McDonnell
Why did Sharon leave Major Crimes?

In the episode Sanctuary City: Part 4, Sharon is diagnosed with a heart condition after Season 6 established that she had heart issues. In the episode, she nearly cancels her wedding to Detective Andy Flynn but eventually agrees to proceed with the ceremony.

Sharon Raydor continues to suffer from her condition, but in episode 9 of the same season, she collapses, and a doctor later announces her death.

It aimed to bring closure to the show and provide a space for both characters and viewers to mourn Sharon’s unexpected departure.

Mary McDonnell
Mary McDonnell

The viewers of Major Crime were unable to believe this. Netizens were making theories as to how everything must be a fake trick for a new angle in the plot of the show.

However, in the next episode, it was shown that Raydor was buried, and the team focused on taking the old villain, Phillip Stroh. Several viewers were angry at this decision by the makers.

According to the reports, series creator James Duff revealed that Sharon’s death was intended to linger over the team in the final episodes and provide the show with a sense of closure.

He even stated that Sharon’s death in the final episode would have made the show extremely dark. He added that because they designed Sharon’s death a few episodes before the end, they were able to create scenes in which the whole team could mourn over both Sharon’s death and the end of the show.

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