What Happened To Seunghan Riize? Seunghan of RIIZE suspends K-pop activities indefinitely in response to the uproar over a private video leak

Seunghan has a history of controversy, but when he got into a video chat argument with TXT member Soobin and three other individuals regarding LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, things got rather ugly.

His childhood neighbourhoods in Japan were shown in an old video of him smoking cigarettes, which went viral on social media and infuriated the already hostile internet community.

Following the backlash, Seunghan decided to take a break from music and do the work he needs to in order to be able to start afresh.

What happened to Seunghan RIIZE

Seunghan RIIZE has taken a break from work. SM Entertainment has announced Seunghan’s brief absence following a controversial video of him smoking that has stirred an uproar on the internet.

What Happened To Seunghan Riize
Seunghan Riize

The declaration also mentioned the plan to take legal action against the individuals in charge of the content leak and distributing false and misleading information.

SM Entertainment issued a statement on November 22nd, taking everything into consideration.

Seunghan, in light of recent events regarding the unapproved publication and dissemination of information, expresses profound regret and remorse for the disappointment caused to RIIZE, fellow members, and fans

The agency went on, “Seunghan has expressed his wish to temporarily suspend his activities for the group’s well-being due to the mental strain and sense of responsibility coming from this scenario.

We have made the decision to respect Seunghan’s choice despite the difficulties of carrying on in these conditions to avoid causing the group or its members any further harm.

We formally declare today that Seunghan’s involvement with RIIZE has been suspended indefinitely.” As of right now, Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Sohee, and Anton make up the six members of RIIZE.

Are there any impending legal procedures that one should expect from SM Entertainment?

SM Entertainment made it plain that if it is discovered that someone has leaked, disseminated, or otherwise published false and deceptive information on the RIIZE member online, they will pursue legal action.

They said the leaked films and pictures currently making the rounds were taken in private during the pre-debut training phase.

Misconceptions have arisen from deliberate secondary editing, which has been repeatedly modified, including the usage of movies with identified sources to make screenshots.

The organisation also went on to state that they have a lot of proof and have found the person who leaked and distributed material without authorization. They’ll lodge a grievance with the nearby police department.

In response to fans’ grievances and addressing the member’s unfair treatment, the agency said that in order to safeguard the performer, the ensemble, and their supporters, they will adamantly and unambiguously combat any further detrimental acts, such as the production and propagation of unfounded rumours about the performer via further posts.

How did Seunghan take up the matter with his fans?

Seunghan of RIIZE apologised in a post for his careless behaviour. Seunghan also issued a social media public apology after the agency’s official update. “Hello, I’m Seunghan. I sincerely apologize for my past actions that have hurt many people.

I am reflecting on myself and want to express my apologies to the fans and RIIZE members who have supported me.

I acknowledge the damage caused during a crucial time, and I am committed to self-reflection to become a better person. Once again, I apologize to the members, fans, and staff.”

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