What Happened To Scott Parks? Uncovering His Experience As A Kansas City Radio Host

Journalists in the media are frequently subjected to threats and harassment as a result of their profession.

Dana Wright and Scott Parks, co-hosts of the “Dana & Parks” afternoon show on Audacy news/talk KMBZ Kansas City, recently found themselves in the crosshairs of a listener’s nasty text message.

The threat, which included insulting and unpleasant language, showed journalists’ vulnerability, particularly women in the field. Dana’s answer was not only an act of personal bravery but also a call to attention to the troubling issue of media violence.

What happened to Scott Parks? Identifying the Threats

John D. Gribble was arrested and accused of making derogatory remarks against Scott Parks. He also made threats against Dana Wright.

Gribble used graphic and inflammatory language in a text message to the station, even threatening Wright’s life. The event exposed the corrosive underbelly of media personalities’ speech.

Dana Wright, who has worked in television for 17 years and radio for almost a decade, exemplifies persistence and strength in the face of adversity.

What Happened To Scott Parks
What Happened To Scott Parks?

She has endured numerous incidents of harassment, but this particular threat pushed her over the edge, leading her to take action.

She is determined to bring this matter to light not only for herself but for every woman in the media who has faced similar threats. Her voice and determination have become emblems of unshakable bravery.

The More Serious Problem

Wright’s case highlights a wider issue: media threats against women. Disagreements and disputes are necessary components of public conversation, but the worrying trend of violent and threatening rhetoric, particularly directed at women, is concerning.

Women who express their opinions or hold positions of power are frequently subjected to insulting words and threats, fostering an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

The Influence of Women in the Media

Dana Wright’s choice to publicly discuss her experience isn’t motivated by compassion or attention; it’s a call to action to solve the prevalent issue of violence against women in the media.

Her sentiments ring true for other women who have been in similar circumstances. The over 1,000 reactions and nearly 300 comments on her Facebook post, mostly from women, highlight the common experiences and worries.

A Look Ahead

Dana Wright’s determination and resilience are a monument to her character and a reminder that change is required. She is looking forward to her day in court, where she will face John D. Gribble and respond to the vitriol he hurled at her.

Her courage serves as an example for female journalists, encouraging a shift in how we respond to and resolve threats and harassment. The cycle of violence will continue until there are genuine consequences for such crimes.


Dana Wright and Scott Parks, two well-known radio personalities, were threatened in Kansas City, exposing the disturbing reality that people in the media endure.

Their brave answer draws attention to the greater issue of violence and threats against people who speak their opinions and hold positions of power.

It is a cry for reform, for consequences, and for a more secure working environment for women in the media.

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