What happened to Sasuke in Boruto? Is Sasuke dead in Boruto?

One of Masashi Kishimoto’s greatest characters, Sasuke Uchiha, is one of the Naruto series’ three protagonists.

A major plot point of the Naruto series is Sasuke’s tale. Even though Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke and Boruto, is the main character of Boruto, his role has shrunk, but he is still a crucial part of the entire series.

Obviously, Sasuke made it through the events of Naruto, but what about Boruto? Does Sasuke die in Boruto? We shall cover all the details regarding Sasuke’s destiny in Boruto in this article.

Important information about Sasuke

One of the last living members of the Uchiha clan in Konohagakure is Sasuke Uchiha. Itachi, his older brother, had massacred their clan, and Sasuke had made it his life’s work to exact revenge on Itachi.

After becoming a ninja, he is added to Team 7, where he competes with his best friend and rival, Naruto Uzumaki, to hone his skills.

When Sasuke first enrolled in the Konoha Ninja Academy, he excelled academically and was the class leader.

Their father did not give Sasuke much attention because he was unable to reach the same goals that Itachi had.

Despite his growing workload, Itachi attempted to fill in for their father by providing Sasuke with the attention he so desperately needed.

Power is a difficult enough goal in and of itself, but Sasuke battles this goal time and time again.

Each time he meets someone new, he assesses them according to their skills: those he believes to be less capable than him, he dismisses with a condescending demeanor, making every effort to ignore them so they will not hold him back; those he believes to be more capable than him, he becomes fixated on and constantly tries to surpass, especially when he believes he should be on par with them.

He is constantly exposed to Kakashi Hatake’s idea that teamwork is strong because he is a member of Team 7.

Sasuke initially comes to terms with this, having personally experienced it on a number of Team 7 missions. He even begins to forget his desire for vengeance and grows close to his teammates.

However, after losing to Itachi in Part I, Sasuke feels the team is weakening him, so he decides to break away from them and Konoha completely to concentrate on himself.

What happened to Sasuke in Boruto chapter 84?

In Boruto Chapter 84, Sasuke Uchiha underwent a shocking transformation into a tree.

This unexpected turn of events followed Sasuke’s absence in previous chapters and his collaboration with Boruto to counter Eida’s overwhelming powers.

During their pursuit, Sasuke encountered adversaries linked to Code, who had the ability to infect shinobi, causing them to transform into trees.

Unfortunately, Sasuke fell victim to this technique, turning into a tree himself and becoming imprisoned.

This dramatic twist in the story has left fans eagerly anticipating the resolution of Sasuke’s predicament and the unfolding events in the Boruto manga.

What happened to Sasuke in Boruto
Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke’s involvement in the recent events in Boruto has been instrumental in the growing hostilities between Boruto and Kawaki.

Sasuke Uchiha, a character whose presence had been noticeably sparse in the latter half of the Boruto manga, made his much-awaited appearance in Boruto chapter 84.

Sasuke and Boruto set out to find a way to counter Eida’s omnipotence after his final appearance in chapter 80.

Fans were left wondering where Sasuke had disappeared during the ensuing three-year hiatus. Not only did Chapter 84 reveal his return, but it also shocked readers with his abrupt transformation into a tree.

This change in the story raises concerns about Sasuke’s destiny as well as the complex plot developments in the manga’s unfolding story.

How did Sasuke transform into a tree in chapter 84 of Boruto?

In Boruto chapter 84, Sasuke is finally shown to have changed into a tree, revealing what happened to him.

This series of events, which started with chapter 80, spanned several chapters before taking this turn. This time around, Boruto and Sasuke deliberately left the village to come up with a scheme to foil Eida’s omnipotence.

After that, the story took a three-year hiatus, with Sasuke noticeably missing from chapters 81 through 83.

When it was revealed that Sasuke had been transformed into a tree in chapter 84, the mystery surrounding his whereabouts was lifted.

These grimes were Code’s goons, and they had the unique ability to bite Shinobi, making their bodies grow into trees with parts of them poking out of the woody shell.

As Boruto Chapter 84 went on, the recently revealed adversaries imprisoned him, and he turned to the White Karma user for help.

But Code took advantage of the situation to flee, leaving Boruto to deal with the humanoid forms that the Ten-Tails had produced on his own.

However, Bortuo ultimately succeeded in making his getaway by employing the Flying Thunder God maneuver.

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