What Happened to Sarah Hyland? Navigating Chronic Illness and Success

Sarah Hyland, the talented actress known for her role in “Modern Family,” has faced numerous health challenges throughout her life.

She recently opened up about the impact of her chronic illness on her acting career, revealing that there are episodes of the show she doesn’t remember filming due to her depleted energy levels.

Delving into this article will help you to know more about what happened to Sarah Hyland in detail, and you will gain knowledge about her journey of resilience, the toll her health struggles took on her career, and her triumphant spirit.

What Happened to Sarah Hyland?

She was born with kidney dysplasia, a condition in which the kidneys don’t fully develop before birth. Due to her health condition, she had to undergo two kidney transplants. Despite facing immense adversity, she managed to achieve remarkable success as an actress.

Hyland, now 31, recently reunited with Julie Bowen, her TV mom from “Modern Family,” on the “Quitters Podcast.”

They discussed Hyland’s health and reflected on how her chronic illness affected her time on the popular show, which concluded its 11-year run in 2020.

Navigating Health Challenges

Hyland’s health journey has been marked by two kidney transplants. The first, when she was 21, involved receiving her father’s kidney.

Unfortunately, her body rejected it, leading to a second transplant at age 26, with her younger brother as the donor. Her health struggles also led to over 15 surgeries related to her kidney condition.

What Happened to Sarah Hyland? Navigating Chronic Illness and Success
What Happened to Sarah Hyland?

Throughout her time on “Modern Family,” Hyland battled excruciating pain and exhaustion. She shared that there are entire episodes she doesn’t remember shooting because she was asleep due to her chronic illness. Despite these challenges, she remained resilient and dedicated to her craft.

Chronic Pain on Set

Hyland revealed that she often experienced intense pain while on set for “Modern Family.” Episodes like “The Old Wagon” in 2010 saw her double over in agony.

Despite the discomfort, she remained committed to her work. Colleague Julie Bowen recalled instances where Hyland would push through pain and exhaustion to deliver her lines with professionalism and dedication.

Hyland also spoke about her need for a certain level of illness to qualify for a kidney transplant. She described a period when she was reaching that critical point, struggling to stay awake for eight hours at a time. Even while dealing with her health challenges, Hyland continued to contribute her best to the show.

Declining Health and Mental Struggles

After her first kidney transplant was rejected by her body, Hyland’s health deteriorated significantly. She faced the daunting task of being on dialysis three times a week while still filming “Modern Family.”

During this time, her health reached a point where she had suicidal thoughts. The uncertainty of her situation and the fear of another transplant failure weighed heavily on her.

Hyland shared that her thoughts of suicide were the culmination of years of chronic illness and pain. Enduring nearly three decades of constant health issues had taken a toll on her mental and emotional well-being.

Masking Pain and Public Scrutiny

Hyland acknowledged that growing up with health issues required her to develop a tough exterior. She learned to mask her pain and put on a strong facade, especially while performing on Broadway or in front of her family. She was determined not to be seen as weak or pitied.

Public perception sometimes misconstrues her health struggles. When her weight dropped due to her illness, some speculated she was dealing with an eating disorder.

Similarly, when her face appeared swollen due to steroid medication, she had to address rumors of pregnancy and public criticism about her appearance.

Choosing When to Share

Hyland’s experience with the media spotlight regarding her health led her to be cautious about what she shared publicly. She recounted instances when her private health information was leaked without her consent, leading to unwarranted speculation and pressure to discuss her health before she was ready.

She chose to publicly disclose her second kidney transplant months after the procedure, once she was confident in its success.

This decision was informed by her previous experiences with media intrusion and the need to protect her privacy.

Looking Ahead and Celebrating Triumphs

Despite the challenges she has faced, Hyland’s adaptability shines through. She’s engaged to Wells Adams, with plans for a marriage that have been laid over due to the epidemic.

Hyland’s journey serves as a testament to the strength of the mortal spirit, showing that indeed, in the face of habitual illness, one can achieve remarkable success and inspire others through their unvarying determination. 

Sarah Hyland’s journey is a story of triumph over adversity. Her fidelity to her craft and her capability to overcome immense health challenges while maintaining her professionalism and spirit are truly inspiring.

Hyland’s openness about her struggles has helped raise awareness about habitual illness and internal health, and her story serves as a stopgap for others facing their own challenges.

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