What happened to Sam Larry? Is Sam dead or alive?

Sam Larry, also known as Balogun Eletu, is a well-known figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, particularly for his work as a socialite and show promoter.

His influence goes beyond event organization; he has established himself as a prominent figure in the scene.

In an era where the truth is frequently entangled in a web of misinformation, clarity becomes invaluable. Such is the case with Sam Larry, who recently found himself at the center of unfounded rumors alleging his involvement in a car accident.

What happened to Sam Larry?

Sam recently got the attention of his entire community since everyone started to question whether he was alive or dead.

Popular socialite Balogun Eletu (Sam Larry) has denied being involved in a recent car accident. Some sections of the media reported that the show promoter and his family were involved in an automobile accident on Saturday night.

Sam Larry
Sam Larry dispels rumors about an accident.

Responding to the rumors in the early hours of Sunday, Sam Larry stated that he and his family went out but returned safely, contrary to reports.

He called the reports “fake news,” orchestrated by those looking to tarnish his reputation.

“May those who spread lies face the consequences of their actions.

Is Sam alive or dead?

Among the ongoing hoaxes surrounding Sam Larry, it was time to speak up and let the public know the truth. So, Sam took this to his very own social media on February 18, 2024. Sam Larry addressed the ongoing rumors.

He made quite a clear statement on his Instagram page, where he called down these rumors, mentioning he was not involved in a car accident.

Sam Larry
Sam Larry

Read the statement below –

“I, Samlarry, want to use this platform to dispel the false information that has been spreading about my involvement in an accident.

Both my family and | are perfectly fine; we spent the day together and even went out for dinner, returning home safely.

“Despite the prevalence of fake news, please ignore any online claims about me. While some may seek to tarnish my reputation, I leave it to God to judge.

I appreciate my friends and family’s concern but rest assured, I am doing well, and nothing unexpected has occurred.

It is critical to ignore such false rumors and resist the spread of misinformation. Despite facing challenges in the past, such as the allegations surrounding the incident with the late singer Mohbad, Sam Larry remains resilient and focused on his endeavors in the entertainment industry.

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