What happened to Sally on McMillan and Wife? Unraveling the Fate of a Character

Susan Saint James began her successful acting career in the 1960s and gained widespread recognition for starring alongside Rock Hudson in the police drama “McMillan & Wife,” which aired on NBC for six seasons starting in 1971.

The show followed the story of Stuart McMillan, a San Francisco police commissioner, and his wife, Sally, who often assisted him in solving crimes.

Post-McMillan & Wife Career and Kate & Allie (Late ’70s to Late ’80s)

After her stint on “McMillan & Wife,” Saint James appeared in various TV movies and landed another starring role as Kate McArdle in the late ’80s sitcom “Kate & Allie.”

However, this marked a turning point in her career as she began to take a step back from the entertainment industry.

In a 2002 interview, she revealed that the stress of her busy schedule led to health issues, including kidney stones.

What happened to Sally on McMillan and Wife?

Sally and her child were dead in a plane accident, which they revealed toward the start of Season 5.

In the TV series “McMillan and Wife,” which initially circulated from 1971 to 1977, Sally was a person played by actress Susan Saint James.

The character of Sally McMillan, depicted by Saint James, was worked out of the show after the fourth season because of the actress’s choice to leave the series.

What happened to Sally on McMillan and Wife
Susan Saint James

Susan James decided to leave “McMillan and Wife” to seek out other vocations. The departure was amicable, and the character’s exit made sense inside the storyline.

After Sally’s departure, the show went through changes in the ensuing seasons, with new characters presented and a change in the dynamic of the series.

Personal Tragedy and Resilience (2004)

In 2004, misfortune struck the Saint James family when Susan’s significant other, Dick Ebersol, and their children, Charlie and Teddy, were involved in a plane accident in Colorado.

While Dick and Charlie made out of it, Teddy, at 14 years old, unfortunately lost his life. In the aftermath of the incident, Saint James talked about the strength and versatility of her loved ones.

In a Today interview in December 2004, Saint James revealed that her older child Charlie played a gallant part in protecting his dad from the burning plane.

Notwithstanding the staggering misfortune, she pondered the satisfaction that Teddy had tracked down in his young life.

In Teddy’s memory, a Boston region youth group played baseball at Teddy Ebersol Field, devoted to him in 2005.

Anonymity and Reflections (Post-Acting Career)

Susan Saint James embraced life beyond acting, immersing herself in various roles, from a devoted mother and entrepreneur to a radio show host.

She found pleasure in the anonymity afforded by her radio venture, allowing her to step away from the spotlight.

Reflecting on her acting career, Saint James admitted in a 2010 interview with Connecticut Magazine that she didn’t watch “Kate & Allie” much due to the ’80s styles, but she fondly looked back on her time filming “McMillan & Wife.”

Susan Saint James, now 75, has crafted a life filled with family, philanthropy, and meaningful pursuits, showcasing resilience in the face of personal tragedy and finding fulfillment beyond the glitz of Hollywood.

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