What happened to Ruby Franke? The Mystery Behind Ruby Franke’s Shocking Fall

A well-known YouTuber, Ruby Franke, from the ‘8 Passengers’ channel, and Jodi Hildebrandt, the brains behind ConneXions counselling service, were caught up in a serious allegation of child abuse.

You heard that right! On August 30, 2023, they were both arrested on child abuse charges. Now, hold on because this is where things get interesting.

What happened to Ruby Franke?

Ruby Franke got arrested for child abuse accusations. Though the Fox 13 report didn’t spill all the beans, an intriguing Reddit account called ‘8 Passenger Snark’ spilled some tea.

According to it, Ruby Franke, her husband Kevin Franke, and Jodi Hildebrandt were all taken into custody over child abuse suspicions.

Spilling the Beans

An insider with no name spilled the beans on Reddit. They said that Ruby and Kevin Franke were busted separately on August 30. But here’s the kicker: both got picked up at Jodi Hildebrandt’s crib in Springville.

The Curious Case of Emergency Response

The Springville Fire Department was all over Jodi Hildebrandt’s house for some “Mutual Aid incident.” But the plot thickens – Ruby Franke and Kevin are also in the mix, facing the situation with Jodi.

The ‘8 Passengers’ Journey

Let’s rewind a bit. The ‘8 Passengers’ YouTube channel was about the Franke family – Ruby, Kevin, and their six kids.

What happened to Ruby Franke
What happened to Ruby Franke?

They soared to fame with viral videos showing off their parenting skills. But trouble hit in 2020 with child abuse claims after a video came up.

In that video, their teen son was informed about sleeping on the floor as punishment. Child Protective Services were on it like a hawk.

The Never-Ending Struggle

The Franke family didn’t exactly have smooth sailing after that. Their YouTube presence started diminishing. Ruby Franke had an agreement with ConneXions and joined the business team.

Despite the changes, shadows of doubt and suspicion lingered like a bad smell, giving them a hard time.

Ruby Franke’s Shocking Detainment

Ruby Franke, the YouTube star, went from shining in the spotlight to a whole new level of fame – getting “in custody.” She got arrested at 9:33 p.m. in Springville, Utah.

Jodi Hildebrandt, her business buddy, was right there with her. It’s like a rollercoaster no one saw coming.

A Kid’s Cry for Help

A kid made a daring escape from a place in Ivins, Utah, by climbing out of a window. They ran to a neighbor’s place, begging for food and water.

The shocking part was the presence of duct tape on their ankles and wrists, along with clear signs of malnutrition.

Ruby Franke’s Involvement

The plot thickens even more! Ruby Franke actually filmed a YouTube video from the house just before the arrest.

It suggests she was there when all the bad stuff was happening: the abuse, malnourishment, and neglect. The search warrant spilled the beans on even more evidence that pointed fingers.

The ‘8 Passengers’ Saga Ends

Fast forward to now, and the ‘8 Passengers’ YouTube channel is like a ghost town. The Franke family– Ruby, Kevin, and their gang of six – once had a massive 2.5 million subscribers.

But that all came crashing down, with the channel vanishing into thin air. The family faced accusations and controversies that made things go out of control.

Ruby Franke even started a new channel, and some family members pretty much disappeared from sight.

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