What happened to Ross Shimabuku? Let’s unravel the mystery

One name that stands out when it comes to sports reporting is Ross Shimabuku.

However, where is he today and how has his career been thus far? Join us as we delve into his professional life, personal life, and interests to learn more about this fascinating man.

The expert sports reporter is Ross Shimabuku

Ross Shimabuku is well-known in the field of sports journalism. He is well known for his sports reporting, and his career path has been interesting.

He traveled across America for his career

Ross Shimabuku has traveled the entire country as a result of his work. In 2016, he began working as a sports anchor for KGMB in Hawaii.

Prior to that, he covered live MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NFL games for Al Jazeera America.

His Career Is Driven by Passion

Ross began writing about sports because he enjoys them. He once remarked, “If I can’t play professional sports, the next best thing is to talk about it.” Because he was enthusiastic about what he did, his work never seemed like a job.

What happened to Ross Shimabuku? Let's unravel the mystery

He traveled to places like Phoenix, San Diego, and New York City thanks to this enthusiasm. Throughout his career, he covered the amazing 2001 World Series, a really historic event, as well as four Super Bowls.

The Genuine Ross Shimabuku

In addition to being an expert, Ross Shimabuku is also a son, a brother, and a friend. He is American by birth. His choice to leave the mainland and return to Kahala, Hawaii demonstrates how much he values his family.

Relationship Status

Ross is well-known for being a sports anchor at KGMB, but he maintains his personal life is private. Whether he is married, engaged, or single is unknown.

What happened to Ross Shimabuku?

Ross Shimbuku moved back to his hometown to be near his family. His father developed dementia as his parents aged.

He stated, “I wanted to be closer to my family, especially my parents.”

He also stated, “I wanted to be closer to my family.”

He returned to his hometown as a result.

From statistics to fervor

It’s intriguing that Ross attended Kalani High School before enrolling at Arizona State University to study accounting. But he pursued sports journalism since it was his passion.

Gig of the KHON2

Ross Shimabuku works as a sports anchor for KNOH 2’s KGMB station in Hawaii. He began performing this in 2016. He covered significant sporting events for Al Jazeera America before that.

At KTVK 3TV, where he started his career, he covered a wide range of sports, including MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, and the Olympics.

From a Weekend Sports Anchor to a Weeknight Sports Anchor and Sports Director, he advanced through the ranks.

Significant Events in His Career

Despite Ross’s career’s numerous accomplishments, certain stand out. After the 9/11 attacks, the 2001 World Series was a significant event, which he covered.

People will always remember the Arizona Diamondbacks’ victory against the New York Yankees in that series.

Hobbies of Ross Shimabuku

Ross has a variety of interests outside of work. He enjoys hiking, CrossFit, spending time with his dog, Koge the Corgi, and going to the beach with loved ones.

His earnings

So, how much money is Ross Shimabuku worth? His salary at KGMB in Hawaii as a Sports Anchor is thought to be approximately $1 million.


The life path of Ross Shimabuku is very awesome. His journey has taken him from wanting to be an accountant to being a sports writer, from covering games nationally to returning to his family.

However, the fact that his marital status is still a little of a secret interests us.

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