What happened to Roo in Home and Away? The Story Explained

Fans of the well-liked Australian soap opera Home and Away are eager for the shocking turns that will undoubtedly occur after Roo Stewart’s unexpected return.

The return of Roo, who was away for several weeks due to a hospital transfer after a devastating explosion, has caused a great deal of emotional turmoil, especially for Marilyn Chambers, a close friend. We will go into more detail about Roo’s fate in Home and Away.

Roo Stewart- A beloved character on Home and Away

The Australian television soap opera Home and Away debuted on the Seven Network on January 17, 1988, and has remained popular ever since.

The show follows the romantic relationships and lives of the people who live in Summer Bay, a made-up coastal town in New South Wales.

In the enduring Australian soap opera Home and Away, Justine Clarke plays the fictional character Ruth “Roo” Stewart. On January 20, 1988, Roo made her series debut.

The character of Roo has played a major role in the show and has helped it maintain its popularity over time.

What happened to Roo in Home and Away?

Roo Stewart was not present on the show because she was moved to a different hospital following a terrifying explosion that was planned by the dishonest skincare brand Stunning Organics.

When Roo was in the hospital, she accused her close friend Marilyn of being responsible for the explosion and said that Marilyn was working with Stunning Organics. There had been a serious rift in Roo and Marilyn’s friendship when she returned to Northern Districts Hospital, as evidenced by Roo’s cold shoulder and icy interactions.

What happened to Roo in Home and Away
Roo in Home and Away

Roo eventually told Marilyn to leave the hospital, signifying a major change in their relationship. It was also revealed that Georgie Parker, the actress who plays Roo, will be leaving Home and Away in 2023 due to other commitments.

But Roo’s return to the Northern Districts Hospital—made possible by her father, Alf Stewart, who asked for a day pass—brought her closer to her family and laid the groundwork for a string of intense emotional outbursts that enthralled fans.

The future of Roo and Marilyn’s friendship after Roo’s injury

Roo blamed Marilyn for the explosion that occurred, which she claimed was caused by the dubious skincare company Stunning Organics.

In scenes that recently aired in the UK, Roo was taken to a specialized hospital unit following an explosion that was caused by a device inside a box of Stunning Organics.

Roo was initially convinced to take on the dishonest skincare company by Marilyn. She will inform Marilyn that their friendship is essentially over due to their mounting differences.

After recovering from her wounds in the city, Roo is brought back to the Northern Districts Hospital at the beginning of the story, where she has been making progress thanks to Bree and Alf.

But Roo gives Marilyn the cold shoulder when she agitates her by offering cakes and an arm to help her walk. Alf acknowledges that Marilyn is stepping on thin ice, which makes everyone feel tense.

Roo worries about when she will be able to go back home, and Marilyn and Alf discover that she is upset with Marilyn for not seeing her over the past few weeks.

Roo rejects Marilyn’s attempts to make apologies and gives her the order to leave the hospital. Roo understands that even though they have been friends for a long time, things change, and she needs to live apart from Marilyn for a while.

Is Roo Leaving Home and Away in 2023?

Yes, Georgie Parker’s character Roo Stewart will be departing from the long-running Australian soap opera Home and Away in 2023.

In March of this year, Georgie Parker announced her resignation, citing the necessity for a brief hiatus because of other obligations.

She had been selected for two plays by David Williamson at the Ensemble Theatre in Kirribilli, Sydney: “Miss Monica” and “Rhinestone Rex.” This break in the filming was supposed to last about seven weeks.

The Impact of Roo Stewart’s return on home and away

With new stories and drama, Roo Stewart’s return to Home and Away captivated the interest of both fans and infrequent viewers. Her character has been essential to the intricate plot of Home and Away, giving the whole story more depth and subtlety.

The way that Roo interacts with other characters, like Alf and Marilyn, has captured the attention of viewers, who are now eager to see how the plot develops.

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