What happened to Rollie Pollies? What is her net worth in 2024?

Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz, aka Gia Mayham of Baddies South, is a 30-year-old influencer. Pollie is well-known for her appearance in the Zeus Network show.

The YouTuber is not hesitant to reveal her true identity to the public.

Gia is pleased that her fans have dubbed her Queen. Mayham explained the term Queen on the podcast, revealing that she can act, sing, and do reality television.

Talking to Raquel in “Baddy Lyfe” w/Raquel Santiago, she informed the audience about being excluded from Season 3 of Baddies South.

Gia is active on Instagram under the username @rolliepolliesm_. Rollie Pollie is a Twitter and TikTok enthusiast. Known initially as Gia Mayham, she goes by the social media name Rollie Polie Snack Mealz on her Twitter profile. She is well-known as a reality television star and rapper who keeps up with current trends.

However, talent is never hidden away from the spotlight. Pollie’s fan page, Officialrolliepolliesnackmeal, has over 1,000 followers but no posts.

Rollie Pollie was born on September 12, 1992, and is a single mother with a son, David. She is a singer, aspiring actress, and reality television star.

Rollie Pollies
Where is Gia Mayham in 2024?

What happened to Rollie Pollies?

On and off-screen actions of Rollie Pollies have consistently demonstrated bullying behavior that is not only harmful to her fellow participants but also sets a poor example for viewers at home.

Bullying is a serious issue that affects a large number of people worldwide. By allowing Rollie Pollie to continue appearing on Baddies, producers implicitly condone her bullying behavior.

This sends a dangerous message to viewers, implying that such behavior is acceptable when it is not.

Fans are urging Baddies producers and decision-makers to take their concerns seriously and prevent Rollie Pollie from appearing in the upcoming 2024 season.

Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz, aka Gia Mayham of Baddies South
Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz, aka Gia Mayham of Baddies South

By doing so, they will be taking a stand against bullying and encouraging healthier interactions between people on and off-screen.

Rollie Pollie is also a cast member of One Mo’ Chance

In 2020, Rollie Pollie joined the cast of One Mo’ Chance. She appeared on the show during season one and was offered a role in season two. However, she declined the offer because her music career came first.

Pollie has done well in business and music since she focused on her career. As previously stated, she has already released some songs, one of which, Savage, has become extremely popular.

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