What happened to Rick Ness Girlfriend? A Rollercoaster Relationship

Drama and turbulent relationships are nothing new in the world of reality television.

Fans of Gold Rush have been enthralled and perplexed by the emotional rollercoaster that is the story of Rick Ness and his girlfriend, Leese Arie.

Allegations, breakups, and reconciliations have all occurred throughout their on-again, off-again relationship.

The article will look at Rick Ness and Leese Arie’s turbulent relationship and highlight its bright points and negative points.

A Difficult Engagement

When Rick and Leese declared their engagement in October of the previous year, the drama got underway.

Their engagement lasted less than a month, thus the happy news wasn’t sustained. Rick was the target of rumors of adultery, which destroyed the joy of their engagement and caused their initial breakup.

Leese announced the breakup on social media sites including Instagram and TikTok.

What happened to Rick Ness Girlfriend? A Rollercoaster Relationship
Rick Ness Girlfriend (Source: Facebook)

She made terrifying accusations of “2 years of emotional, mental, and physical abuse weekly!!” in addition to accusing Rick of adultery.

These allegations shocked the Gold Rush community and sparked questions about Rick’s conduct in the relationship.

A Public Expression of Repentance

In a lengthy Facebook post from December, Rick Ness appeared to take responsibility for their strained relationship.

He acknowledged making serious errors in the post, including leaving Leese and interfering with family plans and vacations.

Despite admitting fault, he shielded Leese from criticism by stating that she was not to blame for his actions.

Fans responded to Rick’s post in different ways, with some praising his openness and others expressing skepticism. It was a vulnerable and reflective moment that alluded to the complexity of their relationship.

Second chances and reconciliation

An unexpected turn occurred in January when Rick Ness revealed on Facebook that he and Leese were once again dating.

By sharing a photo of herself and Rick on Instagram and responding to worried commenters, Leese verified this.

Despite her belief that Rick did not deserve it, she stated her willingness to give their relationship another opportunity.

Their social media updates appeared to show a renewed optimism for their future as a couple. With a romantic dinner and a view of the London Bridge, they observed Valentine’s Day early, ostensibly reigniting their romance.

Back to Square

The brief moments of harmony, though, did not last. Rick and Leese encountered another breakup soon after their pre-Valentine’s Day celebration.

The end of their relationship was heavily hinted at by Leese’s social media posts, despite there being no explicit declaration. She emphasized that she was now dating again, leading people to wonder why they recently broke up.

One important development around this time was Leese’s exposure to disparaging comments on a Facebook fan page for Rick Ness.

On Instagram, she posted a screenshot of the page and begged her followers to report it. She discussed the toll that online abuse and criticism had on her mental health in her comments.

What happened to Rick Ness Girlfriend? The Final Breakup

Rick Ness’s girlfriend Leese Marie suffers from an autoimmune condition. Rick Ness allegedly revealed this in one of his Facebook posts after learning of numerous criticisms of her.

He cleared up any misunderstandings by explaining that she suffers from the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis, which prevents her from gaining weight.

What happened to Rick Ness Girlfriend
What happened to Rick Ness Girlfriend?

A member of Rick’s team named Chris Kruse made a derogatory remark about Leese, which led to rumors that the TV personality’s girlfriend was a man. Additionally, he claimed that he had told Rick Ness that his girlfriend was a man.

Complaints and Acknowledgements

In response to the accusations leveled against her and Rick following their departure from the Gold Rush series, Leese did not hold back.

She defended herself by saying that she had quit the show, relocated across the nation, and ended her connection with Rick.

She also emphasized her son’s academic performance, her personal mental health problems, and her motherly triumphs.

To further eliminate any sense that Rick’s actions were only blunders, Leese asserted that he had cheated on her more than 200 times.

Her open candor offered a window into the nuances of their relationship and the difficulties she had encountered.

A New Beginning

In the midst of the turmoil, Leese started a path to recovery and self-discovery. She bought a new automobile for herself and started a new job in Las Vegas, though she didn’t reveal the specifics of it.

As she handled life after a breakup, she expressed empowerment and confidence in her Instagram posts.

One of Leese’s Instagram photos captured her healing process. She posed while listening to RaeLynn’s song “Queens Don’t” and wearing a gold bikini covered with jewels.

Her caption demonstrated her newfound fortitude and resolve to never accept anything less than she deserved.

The Future and Absence of Rick Ness

Rick Ness was noticeably absent from Gold Rush Season 13 this time around. He was suffering from depression and seasonal affective disorder, which forced him to stop filming the show. He acknowledged the emotional toll that his mother’s demise in 2018 had taken on him.

After Rick’s departure from the show, rumors surfaced that he would return for Season 14. This prompted viewers to speculate. however, there is no official confirmation.

It was speculated that Rick might have used another person’s license while working in the Yukon, with the intention of having the filmmakers present it as his own.

Finally, it should be noted that Rick Ness and Leese Arie’s romance has been a rollercoaster of accusations, breakups, and discoveries.

Although their romantic adventure may have come to an end, the effects of their turbulent relationship are still being felt throughout the Gold Rush universe.

As Leese so beautifully put it, “The truth will eventually all come out,” leaving fans anticipating the next chapter in this compelling story.

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