What happened to Rick Ness face? Unveiling the mystery

Rick always respects his father, Big Rick, and usually talks about him on social media. Rick’s mother passed away on March 20, 2021, due to complications from cancer.

Rick Ness, a bit of history

Rick Ness is a bassist who then went to gold mining and is known for presenting himself on the show Gold Rush. Rick is 40 years old. He first started his career as a musician and is now best known for starring in the reality TV series Gold Rush.

He was born on March 5, 1981. His mother’s name was Judy Marie Bedard. He also has a twin brother named Randy Ness. They do not resemble one another in any way because they are not identical twins.

Ness’ total net worth was estimated to be $3 million last year. Rick’s earnings are increasing, which is consistent with his career growth.

Ness began his professional career as a musician, but he is now best known for his role in the reality TV show Gold Rush.

Now that Rick Ness has established his spot in Gold Rush season 12, it is sure he will make more money to add to his current net worth.

For the construction business owned by his family, Randy works as a machinist. Jen Ness and Randy are married, and the two of them have two kids.

What happened to Rick Ness face?

It is still not confirmed what happened to Rick Ness’s face. Rick Ness appeared to have slightly altered facial features, but nothing else was made clear. Everyone handles losses differently.

Rick Ness, who lost his mother in 2018, has struggled with depression on and off until it finally struck him in 2022 as a seasonal affective disorder.

What happened to Rick Ness face
Rick Ness (Source: Facebook)

Possibly as a result of the memories the victim has imprinted in their mind, this condition is a type of depression that starts and ends at the same time every year.

Fans on social media, however, believe that he might have been involved in a fight and overdosed on drugs.

According to many speculations, Rick may have been addicted to drugs and even engaged in some sort of brawl, leading to the change in his appearance.

Some even assert that it resembles Artie Lang’s disfigured nose, which was the result of thirty years of drug use and a boxer punch. In the second episode of season thirteen, Zee tries to check on Rick’s well-being.

When Zee asks Rick if he is okay, he replies, “Still standing,” surprising both Zee and the audience with his messy appearance during the scene.

Rick responds that he has not been able to return to mining since he crashed severely due to depression, in response to Zee’s subsequent questions about why he is not mining.

His face and nose, which have changed from how they used to be, were left out of the series.

Will Rick Ness return to the show?

The Gold Rush has Rick Ness back in it. After leaving and closing his Yukon mine for a little over a year, the miner is back for season 14 of the well-liked Discovery Channel series and is hoping to change his luck.

Then came a downward spiral that, in his words, brought him to “rock bottom.” After losing his mother and all the money he had earned from working in the industry for more than ten years, Ness was devastated. 

Life continued to fall apart, with the 42-year-old further entering into depression and turning to drugs to numb the pain. Ness sold his mom’s house and hoped to rebuild what was lost.

Rick recorded a record season of $3.6 million in gold not long ago. Rick participated in Gold Rush season 3. He also took up a job and worked with Parker Schnabel, a gold miner.

Rick Ness had no prior knowledge of gold mining. However, he started his gold mining company after putting in a lot of effort and becoming an expert in the field.

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