What happened to Remy Ma?

On May 30, 1980, Remy Ma was brought into the world in the Bronx, New York. She was constrained to deal with her kin since the beginning and was presented to her family’s medication use.

Close to this time, Remy also started perceiving her enthusiasm for verse and rapping.

Early life

In high school, she started competing in rap battles and quickly earned a reputation as one of the greatest in her neighbourhood.

Before she knew it, nightclubs and other places in her neighbourhood played her mixtapes.


She was first included on Big Pun’s album “Yeeeah Baby” after being discovered. Big Pun mentored her until his passing in 2000. After that, Fat Joe continued to coach her, finally leading to his record label, SRC, signing her.

Remy Ma
Remy Ma (Source: Instagram)

‘There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story,’ Remy’s debut album, was released in 2006. As the record sold over 35,000 units in the first week of release, her career started to take off swiftly.

Remy was incarcerated in 2007 for participating in a shootout in New York. She was given an eight-year prison term but served only six years before being freed in August 2014.

When she was freed, her career immediately resumed where it had left off, and she has since started working with well-known people like DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Yo Gotti. 

What happened to Remy Ma?

Remy Ma was given an eight-year prison term for shooting a woman outside a Manhattan nightclub in over a financial disagreement. In 2014, she was released.

Remy Ma turned herself into the New York City police department in connection with a shooting in Manhattan.

What happened to Remy Ma?
What happened to Remy Ma?

Remy and a few other individuals were reportedly outside the Pizza Bar when a verbal altercation occurred early in the morning, according to the police department.

When the altercation deteriorated, one of the participants, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, was shot and injured. Even though there were no apparent conflict scenes in the CCTV tape, Makeda said Remy was the one who shot her.

Ma, on the other hand, was accused of attempted murder, assault, and possession of firearms but entered a not-guilty plea.

She was subsequently charged with assault and witness tampering after allegedly ordering her male pals to assault a witness’s partner. In March 2008, she was accused of assault, having a prohibited weapon, and attempting to coerce.

After the shooting, Ma was inspecting Makeda’s purse because she was accused of taking $3 from her.

Following Remy’s departure from the scene, Makeda was injured inside a car and required multiple surgeries.

Remy Ma was serving an eight-year sentence at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women when Barnes-Joseph filed a lawsuit against her for damages, pain, and suffering.

Even though her release date was set for 2015, Remy served six years before being released in 2014.

Her net worth

Remy Ma’s net worth as of September 2023 is $4 Million. One of the few successful female rappers in the business is Remy Ma. Rapper Big Pun originally came across her and just signed her to Columbia Records.

After ‘There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story,’ Remy’s debut album, was published in 2006, her career began to soar. Many people in the profession respected her for her special talent.

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