What happened to Regina King? ‘The Sadness Will Never Go Away’

The “Watchmen” actress thought back on her life following the passing of her son Ian. In her first television interview since her son’s passing, Regina King discusses her thoughts on grief.

The devastating news of Ian Alexander Jr.’s passing shook the entertainment industry. As the only child of renowned actress and director Regina King, Ian’s death not only devastated his family but also left a profound impact on the many individuals he touched with his vibrant spirit and creative abilities.

What happened to Regina King?

For the first time, Oscar-winning actress Regina King is discussing her late son Ian Alexander Jr., who committed suicide in January 2022 at the age of 26.

In an exclusive interview, King discussed how her late son Ian Alexander Jr., who committed suicide in January 2022 at the age of 26, continues to inspire her with co-anchor Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America.”

When asked what these last two years have been like for her, King said, “Grief is a journey.” King said her late son, whom she honored by wearing his favorite color at the Oscars, suffered from depression, which people expect “to look a certain way.”

What happened to Regina King
Regina King addresses son’s suicide

King, a mother, said that she remained “so angry with God” after witnessing Ian’s difficulties. “I was furious with God.” Why would Ian be given that much weight, do you know?” King said.

King acknowledges that she is still having difficulty accepting her son’s death two years later. You know, there are moments when I feel a great deal of guilt.

“When a parent loses a child, they constantly ask themselves, “What could I have done so that would not have happened?” “I am aware that everyone else is grieving with me. However, you know that no one else is Ian’s mother?

“Being Ian’s mother is my best quality about myself,” she continued. “And I cannot say that while crying, grinning, or experiencing all the associated emotions.

Regina King
Regina King

If I do not value the journey, I cannot accomplish that.”

When Ian Alexander Jr. passed away, King issued a statement in which she described the family as “devastated at the deepest level by the loss.

“He is such a bright light who cares so deeply about other people’s happiness,” she continued. We kindly request that you treat our family with respect during this private moment. Thank you.”

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