What happened to Raymond van Barneveld? A Highly Anticipated Comeback

Raymond van Barneveld, a Dutch darts legend born on April 20, 1967, has left an indelible mark on professional darts. Renowned as “Barney,” his exceptional career spans both the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

With five World Darts Championship titles, including triumphs at various prestigious events like the UK Open and Grand Slam of Darts, van Barneveld’s prowess and influence transcend the darts board, shaping the sport’s popularity globally.

Damon Heta and Jonny Clayton Secure Spots

In other matches, the competition saw its share of nail-biting moments. Damon Heta showcased resilience in a riveting match against Berry van Peer, emerging victorious with a 4-3 scoreline. Meanwhile, Jonny Clayton exhibited professionalism and skill, defeating Krzysztof Ratajski with a commendable 4-2 score.

What happened to Raymond van Barneveld?

Raymond van Barneveld, a seasoned darts veteran at 56, showcased his enduring prowess on the oche in the latest rounds of the PDC World Darts Championship.

His journey this year has been marked by impressive performances, notably a 3-1 victory over newcomer Radek Szaganski and a 4-1 win against the formidable Jim Williams.

Despite Williams consistently outscoring Van Barneveld, the latter capitalized on missed doubles by Williams. Reflecting on the match, a gracious Van Barneveld remarked, “Jim played amazing but I was lucky to win this afternoon.”

What happened to Raymond van Barneveld
Raymond van Barneveld participates in a highly anticipated World Darts Championship

Upcoming Excitement for Barneveld vs. Littler

The anticipation reached a fever pitch as the World Darts Championship prepared for its subsequent matches.

The highlight was undoubtedly the announcement of a riveting clash between Raymond van Barneveld and the young prodigy, Luke Littler.

Littler, a mere 16-year-old, has taken the darts world by storm. Born just 21 days after Van Barneveld’s last world title victory in 2007, Littler represents the new generation’s promise in the sport.

Van Barneveld, in a candid moment with Sky Sports, expressed his eagerness for the impending match. He humorously juxtaposed his own teenage years filled with Lego and Playmobile to Littler’s era of internet dominance.

“This guy is amazing, and I am looking forward so much to that game. He is a quality player and I can’t wait to meet him tomorrow night,” Van Barneveld stated, underscoring the respect he holds for his young opponent.

Skill on Display

Littler’s talent is undeniable. His recent performance saw him rank among the top players in this year’s tournament, with an outstanding 106.12 average in his first-round victory.

Van Barneveld, though experienced, hasn’t consistently hit these heights, showcasing averages below 90 in some matches.

Off-the-Board Antics

The pre-match buzz isn’t just about darts. Littler’s love for kebabs has become a quirky talking point. Local businesses are even cashing in on his favorite food, with one promising him free meals for life if he clinches the title.

On the other hand, Van Barneveld faced a food scare in 2022, emphasizing the different ways they prepare for matches.

A Glimpse Back and Forward

Raymond van Barneveld’s journey in the World Darts Championship is a testament to his enduring spirit and skill.

As he gears up to face off against the emerging talent of Luke Littler, darts enthusiasts worldwide await with bated breath, anticipating a match that promises to be memorable.

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