What happened to Ramon Ortiz? How severely did he get injured?

Ramon Ortiz’s misery went beyond what he felt in his right arm on Sunday night because the pitch that drove him to the ground crying may also be the one that ends his career.

Not all sportsmen are able to select their final game or farewell tour, which would allow them to celebrate the end of a successful career.

Some people are fatally struck in a tragically sudden split second. It’s possible that the Blue Jays pitcher, 40, who was hurt on Sunday, is in that circumstance.

Meet Ramon Ortiz

Ramon Ortiz, a 40-year-old pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays, has a lengthy career in the major leagues. Ten different teams, including the Giants twice, have seen him play.

It was terrible to see him cry on Sunday against the Padres when he realized that he most likely sustained a career-ending injury despite his long and profitable career.

Ramon Oritz
Ramon Ortiz

It initially seems he might have harmed his leg when he throws the pitch, but it soon becomes clear that the issue is with his elbow.

The tragic incident

Ortiz delivered a fastball to Chase Headley of the Padres in the top of the third inning before angrily tossing his glove to the ground.

The starting pitcher pitched for two and a half innings, giving up five hits and four earned runs. The anxiety wasn’t brought on by his most recent performance but rather by an arm that may have thrown its last pitch in the majors.

Even though the severity of the injury wasn’t known at the time, manager John Gibbons had the following to say after the game.

What happened to Ramona Ortiz?

Ramon Ortiz suffered a right arm injury while pitching for Padres pitcher Chase Headley. The severity of Ortiz’s injuries and whether it would end his career were questioned.

What happened to Ramon Ortiz
What happened to Ramon Ortiz?

To give Ortiz time to recover from an injured right elbow, the team suspended him for 15 days on June 4. According to an MRI, Ortiz’s ulnar collateral ligament did not exhibit any injury. Ortiz was placed on the 60-day disabled list on June 25.

Fans hope for his return.

Fans are optimistic that Oritz can overcome this trauma, which could destroy his career.

The right-hander has already demonstrated his tenacity by spending the entirety of last season in the minor leagues before earning a spot in the Blue Jays rotation this year.

If this is the end, Ortiz can be proud of himself since he gave the sport everything his body was capable of.


He will probably need surgery due to the severity of his injury. Given his advanced age, it is unlikely that he will fully heal and be able to play again.

It is an emotional time for him and his supporters, and there is no doubt that this is the cruellest way to call it quits on a career. Let’s hope he can find a way to return and say goodbye properly.

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