What happened to Rachel on The Bachelor? Is Rachel ‘OK’ now?

On “The Bachelor,” Rachel Nance and Joey Graziadei’s romance progressed backward, beginning with a fictitious wedding toast and first dance in week two and progressing forward to eventually forging a deep bond.

Because she is afraid to reveal too much about herself because of past relationship experiences, Rachel calls herself a “slow burn” to Joey on the show. She is currently one of Joey’s final four picks for the upcoming dates in her hometown.

Three women remained in the race for Joey’s heart: Daisy Kent, Rachel, and Kelsey Anderson. The group of four went to Tulum, Mexico, to spend the last few days of their bachelor journey.

In the opening scene of the Monday night show, Joey and Rachel go into the forest to spend some alone time. The two had the opportunity to leap out of treehouses and scale them during their date.

What happened to Rachel on The Bachelor?

On The Bachelor 2024, when does Rachel go home? Reality Steve claims that Rachel did not win Joey’s season; instead, she finished third in Fantasy Suite Dates.

During The Bachelor Season 28, Rachel went on six group dates. In Rancho Cucamonga, California, where part of her family is from, she also went on a hometown date.

Rachel Nance and Joey Graziadei
The star of “The Bachelor” raced to the hospital.

The couple takes a risk when they jump from platforms into a sinkhole pool, on their date. Everything is fine until they leap to the highest altitude, at which point Rachel hits her face so forcefully that there is a chance her jaw may break.

Naturally anxious, Joey thought the worst, thinking that her jaw was broken; but, after the incident, she hurried to the hospital.

Joey was genuinely concerned, but Rachel insisted throughout the ordeal that she was fine and that the injury was not too bad.

Following the incident, medical personnel were also summoned right away to evaluate Rachel’s jaw, guaranteeing that she received prompt medical attention.

Several viewers questioned Rachel’s relationship with Joey after she defeated fan favorite Maria Georgas to reach Joey’s final three on The Bachelor Season 28.

In a tweet and Instagram Story, Season 20 Bachelorette Charity Lawson, who sent Joey home in her final two, defended Rachel and called out those who criticized her for having “biases.”

What happened to Rachel on The Bachelor

After returning home, Rachel receives incredibly strange comments.

At the time, Rachel responded to the criticism in an Instagram Story as well. “Please show kindness to one another, everyone.

If you have nothing flattering to say, do not say anything at all. I’m still a person behind the screen,” she wrote. “Again, I appreciate those sending me love.”

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