What Happened to Quad Brother? Tragic Story Behind It

Quad Webb is a very famous Married to Medicine star. Her personal life is the center of attention on the public center stage as always.

People have ignored the fact that she is a very successful businesswoman as well. People have never supported her endeavors in her entire career but she still rose.

Quad Webb on Married to Medicine

Fans of the original Bravo cast of “Married to Medicine,” Quad Webb, are accustomed to seeing her experiences. Now, if you just want to go deeper into the same, with an emphasis on her past relationships, present romantic relationships, and perspectives on motherhood.

The return of Webb precedes the premiere of season 10. Following the conclusion of season 9, there was uncertainty about the actress and businesswoman’s return.

Since the 2013 debut of the show, Webb has been a member of the ensemble. She did, however, assume a more recurring role in season 8.

What Happened to Quad Brother?

Bravo offers an abundance of reality television series that appeal to a wide range of viewers, including medical professionals. Some of the popular shows include the Real Housewives franchise, Southern Charm, and Summer House.

Since its debut in 2013, the network mainstay Married to Medicine has followed the lives of female physicians and their spouses in the Atlanta, Georgia, region.

The original cast of many reality shows isn’t always the same and frequently experiences some significant changes.

For example, according to her IMDb page, Quad Webb was a cast member of the original Married to Medicine who appeared on the show from 2013 to 2019.

She then moved to the spinoff Married to Medicine: Los Angeles between 2019 and 2020. Bravo did, however, affirm that she would be coming back.

What Happened to Quad Brother
Quad Brother

However, Quad Webb is changing more than just its show. The actress is regretfully adjusting to life without her brother, who passed away in December 2020, just as Season 7 of Married to Medicine was coming to an end.

Quad Webb’s Brother Left a Son Behind

Following the death of her brother Quentin, Quad Webb announced the news on Instagram on December 28, 2020. It’s sad, but I could never treat you selfishly. You’ve been called home by God.

She captioned two pictures of her brother, saying, “So who am I to interfere?” “I’m appreciative of my abundance of wonderful memories. I see a moving picture of you laughing and grinning when I close my eyes.

Fans may, however, be familiar with Quad’s brother from his appearance on Married to Medicine in Season 4, where he traveled to Atlanta to see his sister while carrying his one-year-old son, Mason. When Mason’s father passed away, he was in kindergarten.

According to an interview with The Daily Dish, Quad Webb and her mother were given a “supportive role” in raising a baby girl named Ariana, and that is when the news of Quentin’s death broke.

This was approximately six months ago. In June 2020, Quad initially posted a cute photo of herself holding little Ari’s hand with the caption, “Life is precious; it should be protected and valued.”

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